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There are numerous distinct business types around the globe, and each has specific requirements. Not all tools are made equal regarding information technology service management (ITSM). This blog post will review the top 5 ITSM tools for every company’s needs. These tools will assist you in streamlining your operations and enhancing your bottom line, whether you run a small firm just getting started or a significant organization with extensive expertise.

  • the SolarWinds Help Desk
  • Remedyforce BMC
  • Service Management Cherwell
  • Freshservice
  • Software for Samanage service desks

SolarWinds Service Desk is one of the top ITSM technologies available today. It has many features, such as a robust ticketing system, asset management, and reporting tools, that will help you optimize company operations. The best part is that it’s inexpensive for companies of all sizes!

Another excellent choice for companies wishing to enhance their ITSM procedures is BMC Remedyforce. It includes many functionalities, including change management, problem-solving, and incident management. Additionally, it conveniently interacts with Salesforce, allowing you to manage all of your customer data in a single location.

Cherwell Service Management is a fantastic solution for companies needing to manage a lot of data. It has a strong ticketing system and robust reporting and analytics functions. Additionally, it is expandable, so you can expand your business without worrying that your ITSM solution won’t be able to keep up!

When looking for an ITSM platform that is simple to use, firms should consider Freshservice. It comes with all the capabilities you need to streamline company operations, including asset management, issue management, and more. It also has a straightforward interface that makes it simple to get started. Additionally, it is cost-effective for companies of all sizes!

The Samanage service desk application is a fantastic tool for companies looking to enhance their customer service. It offers a robust ticketing system with information management, self-service, and more capabilities. Additionally, it interacts with well-known CRM programs so you can manage all of your customer information in one location!

The implementation, regulation, management, and delivery of IT services, policies, and procedures constitute the application of information technology service management (ITSM) in a business. This encompasses the entire planning, creation, delivery, and support process for IT service requests. The employee experience is impacted by ITSM because redundant tasks are automated, and workflow is optimized.

In addition, ITSM tools can also include features for;

-Problem Management and Incident Management: 

IoT solutions can help you reduce downtime, stop events from happening, and provide tools for incident management so that the process is streamlined when they do.

-Ticketing Tool: 

In any sector, obtaining intelligence is one of the most crucial tasks. Analyze your results to spot trends, pinpoint difficulties and concerns, and decide how to step up performance.

-IT Service Model-Ready: 

Use complementary IT service and problem management models to improve your processes by borrowing from what previously worked well for others.

-Asset Management: 

The product management feature can track and manage physical devices and accessories throughout their lifespans.

-License Management: 

Remember to stay on top of license requirements and renewals to always be compliant.

Trends in ITSM

ITSM offers a process-based approach to service management for all kinds of enterprises. The idea of concentrating on trends in managing IT operations has evolved from quick fixes for the hybrid workplace to automation and process improvement with an eye toward the future. Some of the most notable trends in ITSM for the future are listed below.

-AIOps leading automation

To recognize and flag IT operational issues for resolution, artificial intelligence for IT operations (AI Ops) integrates artificial intelligence with machine learning, analytics, and data science. The identification of the root cause of problems and the automation of problem event response are aided by a thorough study of the data. As a result, less labor, less money, and fewer tickets produced by distant workers will be needed.

-A change in terminology

Enterprise service management (ESM), or simply service management, is changing thanks to ITSM and will now act as an organization’s single source of truth. This improvement allows access to data from numerous sources and clarifies an organization’s overall activities.

-Advanced analytics

Analytics will become even more critical in all facets of ITSM in the upcoming year, from incident management to change and release control. Businesses will depend more and more on making data-driven decisions based on information gathered from various sources.

Best ITSM Tools

It’s important to consider how the ITSM software will be used in your business when making your choice. The three different categories of ITSM tools are enterprise tools, scalable solutions, and security solutions.

-Enterprise ITSM

Needs for complex IT software and service administration, such as creating methods to automate procedures or providing devices and servers for a workforce dispersed across the globe. SLA (service-level agreement) compliance officers frequently have to handle various cloud and on-premises apps and support change management. Knowledge management can also become a problem in larger businesses, necessitating the use of technology solutions to keep knowledge bases current.

For almost ten years, ServiceNow has been a market leader in ITSM and is renowned for being simple to set up, create business processes for, and utilize with customers. It is a cloud-based platform that is perfect for businesses since it centralizes the management of all IT activities.

The service management application has built-in, ITIL-compliant processes and visual task boards to assist you in getting started. This keeps your team working efficiently without requiring them to spend time rearranging the workflow. By automating routine processes, automation capabilities benefit your team by freeing up time for more complex problems and keeping a smooth workflow. Additionally, a user portal online is provided, making it simple for consumers and end users to get in touch and ask for service. This conveniently gives you all the data you require upfront.

ServiceNow is a feature-rich, comprehensive platform ideal for medium- to large-sized enterprises that need one of three packages: ITSM, ITSM Professional, or both.

-BMC Remedy

The multi-cloud integration solution from BMC Helix is designed for mobile users so IT departments can access their service management workflows from any platform. You can keep an eye on service management-related concerns and consult with staff as necessary, thanks to the 90 built-in reports.

Other BMC solutions, including MyIT self-service desk, Atrium CMBD life cycle planning, and OneClick SelfService, are also a part of the comprehensive ITSM solution known as Remedy. For all devices, it also offers a one-click self-service option. Thanks to its integration features, the remedy is highly suited for small enterprises with remote mobile access requirements for teams that need service desks in various places.

-ITSM scalable solutions

This category includes ITSM products appropriate for startups, growing businesses, and future expansion.

SolarWinds Service Desk

Businesses of all sizes can create an IT service management system with SolarWinds Service Desk. With more than 150 automated service management options, it aids IT departments in boosting productivity and elevating client delight. Small businesses may afford SolarWinds Service Desk, which is also scalable to the enterprise level.

This incident service management application not only aids in prioritizing and organizing tickets, but it also centralizes them with an emphasis on the end user. The service desk catalog also harmonizes the processes for service requests and fulfillment.


The ITSM tools from Ivanti are ideal for companies of any size. You can select the on-premises or SaaS choices that work best for you from our selection. Your service management software will smoothly link with other apps and upgrade on its thanks to our codeless connectivity, saving your IT department from having to work overtime.

Because Ivanti’s code is the same for both cloud and on-premises versions, switching between setups is simple. Teams can enhance the procedures related to their asset management, knowledge base, and updates by including ITSM and AKM.


IT departments can purchase help desk, mobile help desk, inventory, and network monitoring software from Spiceworks, a cloud-based SaaS provider. You can download these programs independently to build an integrated ITSM framework with cooperative and effective IT incident and task management.

As this program includes flexible pricing options, any size business can find a price point that fits their budget. IT support agents also have the additional capability of automatically locating devices on your network, and the software can link through APIs to integrate the entire system.

itsm it service management concept information technology service management supercomputer background

-ITSM for security

These ITSM vendors have security as a top priority. Data transfer, backup, knowledge management, and threat protection are only some of the ways these vendors keep your IT environment both secure and beneficial for machine learning and data-centric organizations.


The ITSM solution from Symantec is ideal for businesses that want to manage their endpoints using a program that can be tailored to meet their unique requirements. For all Windows and Mac devices throughout the organization, this may encompass patch management, asset management, knowledge management, and software license management. Enterprises can keep track of all the devices on their network and enhance them by better understanding them with the help of Symantec’s asset management products.


Small businesses can access a service desk, project management, document management, account management, time tracking, revenue accounting, and invoicing with the cloud-based business platform Autotask. This is a cloud service with a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%.

Customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, time and expenditure monitoring, and reports are all available from the same system. Additionally, the Autotask Endpoint Backup function assures backup security for your staff while the remote mobile service management tool offers you access to all devices in your network’s service desk and service delivery.


suited, a piece of software developed by AidAccess aims to provide users and consumers easier access to services. Because of this, it gives small and large businesses looking for an all-inclusive service management and helps desk solution the option of either making individual purchases or signing up for tiered plans.

Among the many advantages of SysAid is asset management for mobile, software, and hardware assets. Customers can access a self-service portal with a knowledge base using the Help Desk tool. Additionally, ticketing and automation capabilities aid service providers in hastening the resolution of situations. This ITSM solution has capabilities for service desk problem management, mobile device management, and workflows and is based on ITIL methodologies.

What Exactly is ITSM?

An IT management framework called IT Service Management (ITSM) assists enterprises in managing their information systems. If you manage IT systems, you are operating an ITSM. Most individuals believe that IT is a way of providing consumers with services. On the other side, these services must be kept up. IT service management (ITSM) comes into play in this situation.


ITIL is the framework for IT service management if it is a service offered to clients. One of the most popular ITSM frameworks is ITIL, which has gained support from numerous certified experts like ServiceNow. Together, ITIL and ITSM can meet corporate demands. When a business adopts ITIL, it decides which parts to use. While some companies just employ operational procedures like incident management, others entirely use them.

How ITSM and ITIL Can Help Your Business

According to ServiceNow, ITSM enables you to use an enterprise cloud to modernize and optimize service delivery in your company. This can lower costs while increasing the effectiveness of corporate services. To accomplish this, ServiceNow offers a robust ITIL framework that, among other advantages, enhances agility.

Here are a few benefits of ServiceNow’s ITSM:

  • Services for the cloud and security that adhere to or above business standards
  • setup without codes
  • keeps a single, accurate record that is updated regularly.
  • Mobile-first applications
  • You will receive setup instructions.
  • Dashboards and performance comparisons in real-time
businessman hand holding creative light bulb with marketing network icons planning strategy

What is Business Service Management?

BSM’s goal is to standardize and automate IT operations so that the company can better serve its clients. This method integrates several technologies and processes to increase IT administration’s effectiveness, visibility, and efficiency.

By leveraging automation and analytics, business service management lowers the number of business-related errors. Businesses can rapidly and effectively address future problems by foreseeing them before they arise. This proactive approach enables a generally more seamless user experience.

Supply, demand, resource, and financial data are all managed and recorded by BSM. They are all combined into a visual representation pertinent to the user’s needs. IT statistics are converted by BSM into user-relevant business terminology. BSM gives customers meaningful information immediately rather than burdening them with lengthy reports, giving diverse departments additional insight while reducing time spent deciphering IT data.

BSM strengthens IT’s engagement with the rest of the business by evaluating how its products benefit the organization. Additionally, they achieve this by focusing more on the effect of IT on revenue rather than marginal benefits. Departments can now prioritize based on services that will have a direct impact rather than on assumptions or estimates. Communication has greatly improved among different levels of management as a result of measuring value and presenting pertinent information in a simple manner for each department to understand.

How Does BSM Work?

BSM allows IT to communicate with the rest of the company by combining data from diverse business applications and systems. BSM places more emphasis on the user experience than on technical details. Each department’s customized dashboards are created exclusively for them, giving them access to reports that show timely information about ongoing IT services and their effects on the business. The best way to explain BSM is to compare it to a car. Modern autos employ sophisticated computer systems to track and manage their performance, just like contemporary corporations do.

Automobile sensors measure levels for information such as fuel, oil, and tire pressure; just the way businesses analyze their progress using metrics like cash flow, customer happiness, and employee performance. While cars have computer systems that handle anti-lock brake systems, airbag deployment, and lane assist, businesses utilize IT systems to help with tasks like managing customer support or HR and payroll.

BSM functions as a business department car dashboard by alerting users of critical information at a glance, just as an automobile gathers information from all of its systems and displays the most pertinent data to the driver on the dashboard.

What Are the Benefits of Business Service Management?

By further destroying information silos, business and IT process integration give corporations a huge competitive advantage. BSM enables IT to operate as a value-add division that affects the company and, ultimately, the customer. BSM allows IT to proactively look into creative ideas for enhancing key business operations.

The BSM solution improves IT productivity by allowing for thorough insight into the entire firm in terms specific to each end-user. This aids you in navigating each stage of the lifespan of an IT service, including planning, integration, and maintenance. The business needs alignment and increased functionality by providing IT with the data it needs to optimize its workflow and focus on what is best for the entire organization.

BSM will offer a “transparent wall” for service providers, increasing openness for the benefit of all consumers. BSM minimizes blame-shifting by outlining expectations in plain, understandable terms. Open communication channels are developed based on the shared knowledge that BSM dashboards give.

BSM gives every issue clear visibility, making it simple to determine what has to be corrected and in what sequence. BSM also reduces waste by outlining processes and generating clear value propositions. BSM supports continual improvement by giving insight into resources, services, and user impact.

BSM’s emphasis on efficiency directly affects how healthy products are delivered and how satisfied customers are. BSM increases IT return on investment by enhancing resource use and optimization by automating time-consuming, manual procedures. By automating regular procedures, it is possible to boost employee morale, free up resources, and improve IT operations. BSM focuses on providing the organization with immediate value while also improving the rest of the business’s comprehension of IT operations.


Any company trying to increase productivity and enhance operations must have access to ITSM technologies. The appropriate task tool can help you streamline your processes and increase team output. Although we’ve highlighted the top 5 ITSM tools for every business need, there are a ton of other options available that might work for your company. Find the best tool for you by researching and testing a few different options!

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