10 alternatives to Smartsheet that will help you get out of spreadsheets: What You Need to Know


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In business, spreadsheets are a necessary evil. Everyone uses them occasionally, but nobody likes working there. You’re in luck if you’re seeking a Smartsheet substitute. This blog post will cover ten software applications that can free you from spreadsheets and increase your productivity.

-Asana is a project management solution that facilitates team collaboration and time management. Basic features are available on the free plan, and subscription options start at $10 per month.

-Another project management application that employs Kanban boards to assist with work organization is Trello. Personal use is free, and monthly fees for premium subscriptions begin at $10 per user.

-The Basic plan of Workzone, a cloud-based project management tool, costs $30 per month. It has functions including file sharing, Gantt charts, and task tracking.

-Basecamp’s web-based project management application has a monthly subscription price of $99 for the Basecamp Business plan. It has options for file sharing, chats, and to-do lists.

-Podio’s project management application has a Basic subscription that costs $10 per month. It has capabilities like file sharing, task management, and Gantt charts.

-Task management, Kanban boards, and time tracking are just a few of the capabilities available in the free project management software called Freedcamp.

-The Starter plan of ProjectManager.com, a cloud-based project management tool, costs $15 per month. It has functions including task management, resource allocation, and Gantt charts.

-The Individual plan of the cloud-based spreadsheet program Smartsheet costs $10 per month. It includes sheet sharing, in-context teamwork, and data import/export.

-The spreadsheet program Microsoft Excel is a component of the Microsoft Office family. It can be purchased alone or as a perk of an Office 365 subscription.

-The Google Drive software includes the free spreadsheet program, Google Sheets. It provides formula editing, data import/export, and real-time collaboration.

With ten alternatives to Smartsheet now at your disposal, you can begin deciding which one will work best for you and your team. You no longer have to limit yourself to spreadsheets! You’ll likely find one that suits your needs among the many other excellent software packages.

Smartsheet is a flexible and extensible spreadsheet-based project management solution. However, this restricts its appeal to businesses seeking to do away with spreadsheet limitations. We’ve created a list of Smartsheet alternatives to help you stop using spreadsheets. Enter your project management software requirements below if you’re ready to start receiving your free, instant options for Smartsheet choices! “

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What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a project management tool that uses spreadsheets to track and manage projects for teams and individuals. Because of its versatility, Smartsheet is excellent for corporate departments like marketing, IT, HR, and others. Every project activity is listed as a line in the spreadsheet, with the option to include due dates, notes, photos, and documents. Additionally, you may restrict access to critical information and allow an infinite number of individuals to utilize your spreadsheets.

Smartsheet Alternatives

Although other project management tools are available, Smartsheet is well-known. Visit TechnologyAdvice’s product selection tool if you want more details or suggestions for additional items in this area.

-Zoho Projects:

Despite being a modest component of the Zoho software universe, Zoho Projects is unmatched in terms of flexibility and use. This project management tool combines collaboration, document management, Gantt charts, and even team wiki sites for maximum clarity. The data can be combined in reports, and users can browse through entire projects or just their work.

There are direct interfaces between GitHub, Bitbucket, and the Google Suite applications in Zoho Projects. Teams may work together on existing platforms while remaining current on cross-departmental projects thanks to these apps. Use the built-in time tracking functions to determine how team time is used and where you may cut costs.


A project management tool called ClickUp can be incorporated into current workflows. The platform offers dashboards that can be altered to meet the team’s needs.

Smartsheet lacks several capabilities, like in-app documents, a whiteboard, and others, which ClickUp offers. While still sophisticated enough for enterprises of any size, ClickUp is simple.


The dashboard on Monday.com’s key selling point is how easy it is to use. You can quickly locate an action item on the dashboard and give tasks to team members. For new projects, new boards are created, making it simple to find stuff. Monday.com’s PM features include work delegation, deadline monitoring, team communication, and document sharing, to name a few.

A job, a contact, a product name, etc., can all be pulsed using Monday.com, making it a helpful project management tool. Due to its extreme adaptability, Monday.com is ideal for unique organizations with particular requirements. However, if you need assistance getting started, project templates are available and may be helpful, as tenacious workers will discover on Monday.

-Teamwork Projects:

At Teamwork, we create companies’ chat, project management, and customer service software. You may manage your projects collaboratively with our Projects tool’s full capabilities, including tasks, milestones, calendars, document sharing, billing, and time tracking. Mobile and desktop apps connect to your Teamwork account for even greater ease while on the road or at your workstation. And we can also integrate with other technologies you already use if that’s something you’re searching for.

Teamwork was created for businesses with several projects and huge, complex teams. Although it can manage all that complexity, it also has excellent benefits for businesses of any size.


One of the best project management tools is Wrike, which has been for some time. In Wrike, projects are organized using Gantt charts and a folder structure akin to most other file systems. You may find tasks, data, and communication related to each project in its folder. Within the boundaries of each project, the same functions will be displayed in the form of a Gantt chart. This aids teams with a visual representation of dependencies and timetables, allowing them to manage their time better.

You can monitor each project’s development using Wrike’s burndown charts and make necessary adjustments before it’s too late. No separate file management page exists, even though files can be linked to actions and projects. On the other hand, Wrike offers a real-time activity stream and direct messaging through @mentions within tasks.


Workfront is a work management tool that stands out from the crowd by emphasizing the three main business functions of planning, working, and delivering.

While Workfront’s primary project management tools include task and assignment management, its planning and delivery features set it apart from its rivals. Utilize request and resource management capabilities to properly prioritize future demands and allocate resources before the start of projects. Utilize your reporting, monitoring, and analytics tools to offer stakeholders metrics related to the approval procedures.


Many businesses utilize Basecamp, one of the first project management applications, to enhance communication and collaboration. Basecamp allows real-time document editing in contrast to other programs of a similar nature, ensuring that everyone has access to the most recent version.

People may easily stay updated on projects using Basecamp. Individuals can examine updates on specific projects, unfinished tasks, and team-wide views through the “activity streams.” Instead of tedious reply-all email chains, discussion threads display remarks from all participants. Additionally, the notifications and reminders keep everyone on track without being intrusive.


The project management tool Asana enables team members to communicate and collaborate on time-based projects. To keep track of things on your calendar or Gantt chart, include timestamps and deadlines in your tasks (available in premium plans). Using reporting dashboards, teams may manage many projects at once, while My Tasks allows individuals to view all of their current activity.

To assist you in finishing your project work, Asana also offers various external integrations. Asana’s API links make it simple to communicate information via email, file-sharing, instant messaging, and even version control systems like GitHub, unlike other apps on this list that forces you to use only their program. Additionally, automating data sharing with nearly any other application is simple, thanks to the Asana-Zapier integration.


Workzone is a trustworthy and secure spreadsheet-based project management application that lets users see and edit their projects in the form of a Gantt chart or a list of projects grouped hierarchically. Clients may observe the progress of their projects while still preserving some degree of privacy thanks to customizable permissions, and tasks can be simply attached documents for safekeeping.

You can track your team’s scheduled hours using Workzone’s resource allocation charts and request intake forms, both highly worthwhile project planning tools. Your group can use the time-tracking tools to determine where to concentrate their efforts. Use the reporting tools to understand better how projects are going and plan for the following activities.


A kanban board, Gantt chart, task list, and calendar are just a few of the different ways you may view your tasks and projects with the project management platform Redbooth. Due date notifications ensure no one misses an approaching deadline, and Redbooth’s templates make it simple to construct recurring assignments.

Redbooth’s software now includes machine learning tools that recommend task due dates and even advise you to allocate tasks to specific team members based on precedent assignments similar to the current work.


A project management tool, CRM, scheduling, and financial management are all included in the business management package Scoro. This combination of tools works incredibly effectively for agencies and creative businesses that need to manage time, plan numerous projects, and handle invoicing from a single app. Scoro functions as a planner, a tool for communication, and a middleman for billing all in one.

The platform’s time-tracking features enable managers to examine resource allocations and dependencies while scheduling software transfers project data to invoices. Scoro is an excellent option for agencies even though it doesn’t offer as many project management options as some of the other options on the list due to its ability to integrate with business management.

Pros of using Smartsheet for project management

Since Smartsheet has been operating for a while, they are experienced in managing projects. Several pre-designed templates are available to help beginners get up and running quickly. You may also instantly incorporate common project types, such as employee onboarding, into your templates to select them whenever necessary immediately. The software also allows you to see your tasks on a calendar, kanban board, or Gantt chart in addition to the standard spreadsheet view. An analytics dashboard that you can configure to show any number of metrics from all of your efforts is included with these presentations.

Cons of using Smartsheet for project management

The main drawback of Smartsheet is that most of your work must be completed in spreadsheet mode, which comes with all of the quirks and challenges unique to spreadsheets. Excel professionals might not have a problem with this, but regular business users might find it challenging to understand Smartsheet’s distinctive user interface and formulas.

With so many features combined, Smartsheet offers some of the best value available for the money. Smartsheet has advanced significantly since its inception, providing all of these capabilities and more for around half the cost of Google Sheets. It’s not ideal, but it offers advantages over our top choices by providing you with information on how your business is doing regarding crucial metrics like revenue, contacts, and leads.

This can enable you to base judgments more effectively on evidence rather than speculation or guesses from outside sources (i.e., competitors). Additionally, it includes many project-related features. For instance, custom fields let you enter details about particular consumers or even give them discounts if they frequently use your goods or services. Instead of manually entering all the data to track progress while moving a project forward, you can slice and sort everything cleanly with Smartsheet reports. Smartsheet is touted as a collaboration tool and mainly succeeds in that endeavor.

Smartsheet isn’t designed for office 365 Excel or Google Sheets and cannot autosave your work, making it unsuitable for real-time collaboration like other solutions on our list. The absence of time-tracking tools and a centralized activity feed for all activities is another notable aspect of the Smarts Sheet.

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Choosing the best Smartsheet alternative

Make a thorough choice because the functionality and cost of project management software vary. TechnologyAdvice can help you choose the ideal project management tool for your business’s requirements. Fill out the form below to have one of our unbiased Technology Advisors send you a list of the best providers.

How Smartsheet Works

Making the program more sheet-based makes it accessible to a broader audience of users – even those unfamiliar with project management solutions. SmartSheet software allows users to access their data in numerous ways, all from one central “sheet.” This makes our user interface more intuitive and user-friendly because most people at least have some familiarity with spreadsheets.

Despite being advertised as a project management tool, Smartsheet goes beyond that by allowing team members to collaborate on material and delegate duties. But this “work execution platform” does have its drawbacks, just like everything else.

Reasons to Seek a Smartsheet Alternative

The most common criticism about Smartsheet is that it lacks a time monitoring function. This functionality is essential for the majority of businesses. If you don’t know what to anticipate in the future, tracking how long specific project components take can be challenging. This suggests that you might not know what’s about to happen.

Users may believe they need to take extra steps to keep track of their time because Smartsheet doesn’t integrate with other third-party time tracking systems, rather than having everything they need in one place. To be fair, Smartsheet emphasizes collaboration a lot. While the collaborative tools are fantastic, the scheduling and task management features aren’t as sophisticated as those offered by rival solutions. It’s unfortunate since, despite being one of the most expensive projects management tools, they don’t have all the features offered by alternatives.

Review these top alternatives if you use Smartsheet or are thinking about switching to the program to see which one best suits your requirements and will help you succeed.

Best Smartsheet Alternatives Software Rankings


Project Manager, which integrates all the tools you’ll need to organize your project from beginning to conclusion in one location, is the best Smartsheet alternatives software for project management. With ProjectManager, it’s simple to keep track of activities, assess performance, manage time, provide reports, and much more. This distinguished project management tool facilitates seamless teamwork at every stage.

Both seasoned professionals and beginners can utilize this project management tool. This implies that anyone, regardless of location or expertise, may make the most of the technology. Thanks to the many project views, you can work how it best fits you.

ProjectManager stands out from other project management software because it provides uncommon features. Users can use our online Gantt chart tool in addition to kanban boards, task lists, and other features. Timelines and task relationships are shown on the left side of the Gantt chart, which operates as a spreadsheet. This makes creating schedules and monitoring progress simple. Additionally, you can filter for the essential path without wasting time on calculations, establish a baseline to track real-time project deviance and maintain the general efficiency of your project.

You can concentrate on the data grid columns rather than the Gantt chart view using ProjectManager’s Sheet View. Task lists in ProjectManager can be customized to your tastes using blank rows and drop-down custom columns. Keyboard shortcuts also help you work quickly.

The Gantt chart view and Sheet View can be used simultaneously, and any data entered in one will also appear in the other. By doing this, you may quickly construct particular columns that update automatically in both views while allowing you to adjust each according to your needs. ProjectManager is the most acceptable option for Smartsheet with features like dashboards, kanban boards, task lists, and more.


  • Team: The services above are all available to those that pay $13 per month.
  • Business: $24 monthly


  • A 30-day free trial is available for ProjectManager.
  • Are there any mobile project management apps available? Yes, it’s compatible with iOS and Android.

– Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is one of the most well-known and widely used project management tools. Since Microsoft Office already contains this cloud-based solution, it may be utilized in conjunction with Microsoft Planner and other Microsoft software. This means that MS Project, which is well known and feels natural to many users, is an excellent productivity tool. Due to its abilities in project planning, MS Project is a respectable rival to Smartsheet. These capabilities are, however, general, and the tool doesn’t offer many solutions that are particular to particular sectors. That could be a problem for teams working on software development or construction projects because they have more specialized planning and reporting requirements.

Despite being an excellent productivity tool, Microsoft Project only has a small amount of third-party integration. If you utilize software other than Microsoft Office, this implies you’ll be switching between other programs. If you’re used to using a Mac, you’ll need to learn a new project management tool on a different operating system because MS Project is incompatible with macOS. No matter how adept you are at project management or how irritated others feel while attempting to collaborate with it, in the end,

If you are not an expert in project management, using this application can reduce your productivity rather than increase it.


  • Project Plan 1: The average cost is $10 per user.
  • Project Plan 3’s monthly user fee is $30.
  • Plan 5 of the project: $0.55 per user per month


  • Is Microsoft Project available for a free trial? Yes, there is a free trial period of one month.
  • Exists a mobile app for it? Yes, there is a mobile app for Microsoft Projects.


The project management tool Monday.com primarily focuses on enhancing users’ sense of teamwork and engagement with the job. This is mainly because the visual user interface design lets users quickly and easily obtain an overview of all crucial elements and promotes team cooperation. Because of its ability to organize information understandably, Monday’s visual design has earned it many positive ratings as a Smartsheet substitute. Using kanban boards, task lists, timelines, and other tools, users can readily view vast volumes of data and choose how they wish to manage it.

Although Monday.com’s feature list is remarkable, a Gantt chart is an essential component that is lacking. Although the aesthetics set it apart from the competition, many users find that distracting or unclear visuals restrict them. These people claim that the images overwhelm them and that clarity is being compromised in the interest of aesthetics, which could jeopardize crucial functions like resource management, time monitoring, or project schedule.

The visual project manager was the only audience for whom Monday was created. Thus, individuals who dislike utilizing visual tools would not find it suitable.


  • Basic: $8 each month per user
  • Standard: $10 per user per month membership.
  • Pro: With professional customer care and priority response times, you can use all of the features of our other services (including WordPress support) for just $16 per month.


  • Is Monday’s trial period free? Yes, there is a 14-day free test starting on Monday.
  • The mobile project management app from Monday is accessible to iOS and Android users.


nTask was developed to help teams across all sectors and sizes. nTask is adaptable and user-friendly, focusing on task management and capabilities for meeting management. Additionally, nTask provides a recurring task option, unlike many Smartsheet equivalents that only allow users to create one task at a time.

The good news? nTASK has a free plan! The free version does not have all the functionality, but the dashboard views and understandable Gantt charts are attractive reasons to upgrade. The calendar, which assists team members in keeping track of their workflow and upcoming task deadlines, is another helpful tool.

The functions that nTask offers are diverse and valuable for all users. However, nTask lacks several essential project management tools, frequently resulting in inaccurate project planning and reports. These features might include resource management, time management, and spending tracking.


  • Premium: As an illustration, your preliminary plan costs $3 per user per month.
  • Business: Each VPS user pays $8 per month in fees.


  • Does nTask offer a free trial period? Yes, a 14-day free trial is available with nTask.
  • Both Android and iOS users can utilize the project management tool from nTask.


ProofHub, one of the more user-friendly Smartsheet replacements, not only took the place of SmartSheet but also featured tutorials and helpful recommendations as part of its offering. This makes it the perfect option for teams that are less familiar with traditional project management techniques. The software’s emphasis on user-friendliness and communication between managers, team members, and clients makes it easier for them to stay informed, provide feedback, and submit change requests. That stops individuals from continuously navigating between the tool and email throughout the day.

Although the task management, time tracking, and resource management functions provided by ProofHub are excellent, they are frequently “glitchy” and occasionally malfunction. For instance, it has been reported that jobs and communications sometimes vanish randomly, slowing down everyone’s productivity. ProofHub’s total lack of any budgeting features is another negative. This implies that even while creating budget plans and reports is an essential component of the planning process for most teams, all of them must be done in a different piece of software.


  • Important: We provide a flat charge of just $45 per month.
  • Ultimate Control: You can benefit from our flat pricing at just $89 per month.


  • Yes, a 14-day free trial is available on ProofHub.
  • Does ProofHub have a free version? No, there is no free plan offered by ProofHub.
  • Exists a market for mobile project management software? Yes, it’s compatible with iOS and Android.


Basecamp offers various services for remote teams that require assistance remaining organized, including a central project planning tool, file sharing, message boards, and group chat rooms. A client portal is an excellent technique to include stakeholders and keep them informed about the project’s development. In addition, there are options for task scheduling, to-do lists, and project statistics for tracking advancement.

The qualities of Basecamp fall short of its potential. For instance, there is no recurring task management, no time tracking with activities, a strange little conversation, and few reports. Having said that, the price may be appropriate for small or mid-sized businesses. But they might have to look elsewhere if they want more powerful tools that meet their demands.


  • Personal: It is free for up to 20 users and three projects.
  • Business: You can benefit from our flat price for just $99!


  • Can I use Basecamp for a free trial? Yes, a free trial period of 30 days is offered.
  • YES! A project management app from Basecamp is accessible on both iOS and Android devices.


Agile teams who work in software development choose Jira as a Smartsheet substitute. It has kanban boards to support scrum, sprints, and backlog grooming. Agile teams are better able to adapt to changes when they have access to data through robust reporting features. The Atlassian product Jira has evolved from a tracking tool to one that builds and tracks software issues. Developers now have a location to make plugins to expand the functionality of the Smartsheet substitute, thanks to the opening of the Atlassian Marketplace.

There are thorns in the rose, such as a mobile app that is only a shoddy imitation of the program’s website. Users have complained that some integrations are problematic. Jira’s graphical reports take a long time to download as images since they are downloaded at a low resolution, making them difficult to see. Agile practitioners claim that despite the tool’s occasionally cluttered user interface, this hasn’t stopped them from using it.


  • A free login is available for up to 10 people.
  • Regular: $7.50 per user
  • $14.50 per user for premium
  • Enterprise: As you would with a typical listing, you can now specify bespoke pricing.


  • Jira provides a 7-day free trial.
  • Is Jira compatible with mobile project management software? Yes, it’s also compatible with iOS and Android.

8. Asana

Asana is a different project management solution that offers various features like timeline, board, and calendar views. These tools are distributed to team members to ensure everyone is always on the same page. Teams can keep organized and on schedule with the help of real-time task management reports, and users can monitor progress over time with the help of the strategic goal-setting function. Sharing files and leaving comments on tasks helps teams collaborate even more. Asana has backlog management as well.

The features for recording milestones, issues, and bugs assist managers in staying on track; nevertheless, they dislike the absence of risk management tools. This causes a significant software gap that cannot be overlooked. Furthermore, Protest Management considers it impractical with today’s norms that duties can only be delegated to one team member. This tool might not offer everything you require if you are a creative working in a graphic-intensive area. You can add cover photos to the board display, but there are no markup tools or other facilities for file collaboration for persons in your field of business.


  • Basic: Free forever
  • Premium: for the entire household, $13.49 per month
  • For businesses: $30.49 per month for ten users or $60.99 per user per month.
  • Enterprise: You should have personalized pricing that suits your needs.


  • For 30 days, Asana is free to try out.
  • Is Asana available as a mobile project management app? Yes, both Android and iOS support it.

– Mavenlink

Mavenlink offers extra features that other Smartsheet equivalents do not, making it more than just a basic project management application. It stands out from the competitors with capabilities for project portfolio management and a respectable Gantt chart for scheduling tasks. Standard team collaboration tools are available, and you can quickly start time tracking with timesheets and templates.

Despite having many of the same project management tools as Smartsheet, this option lacks the extensive reporting tools required for sophisticated project management, which are only included in the more expensive subscription. This might discourage small firms from spending money. Furthermore, it takes a lot of effort to learn how to use all the software features, which typically necessitates paying extra for training sessions. The website’s compatibility with mobile devices is a plus. However, there isn’t a unique app made just for mobile use.


  • Please contact the business for additional details regarding our professional and team editions.


  • Is Mavenlink available for a free trial? Yes, Mavenlink offers a free trial period of 10 days.
  • Is there a free Mavenlink version? Mavenlink does provide a free plan.
  • Yes, Mavenlink’s premium users access a mobile project management app.


Trello is a flexible application that allows you to organize projects and work with internal teams and external partners, increasing productivity. Its adaptability and user-friendly interface make it perfect for agile project management. Trello also offers the simplicity of printing data and syncing across all devices.

Trello, however, focuses on one area of project management, leaving many others behind. For example, there is no instrument for managing and redistributing resources. Swimlanes and WIP limitations are just two main faults in kanban software. There isn’t even a Gantt chart. Trello’s timeline view is a solution but lacks many features offered by other Gantt chart applications. Because of this, it works well for task management but poorly for resource and project scheduling or time monitoring. Because of this, it’s unlikely to be effective for significant and complicated projects.


  • Standard: You can set the monthly cap at $5 for the total number of public posts, responses, and likes.
  • Premium: $10 per user each month
  • Enterprise: $17.50 per user per month (no activation fee).


  • For new users, Trello provides a 14-day free trial.
  • Does Trello have a mobile project management app? Yes, it’s compatible with iOS and Android.

ProjectManager instills a sense of self-assurance in each user that they can make the most of the application. ProjectManager is a “one-stop-shop” for all the PM tools you’ll need for any team or project, providing everything in one location, unlike many competing programs that focus on a few essential capabilities. Using online project planning tools makes it simple to start your project, monitor its progress, manage time and resources, produce any kind of report you desire, and collaborate successfully with team members.


The Pros and Cons of Smartsheet

Smartsheet might be your project management tool if you prefer working with Excel and spreadsheets. The Smartsheet’s layout enables you to add tasks to each designated row and column, reorder them as necessary, and do much more. Your project notes are kept organized and in one place by building each job, making them simple to follow and distribute. Team members can collaborate on information, view timelines, comment on it, and assign tasks using Smartsheet.

The main flaw with Smartsheet is that time tracking is not offered. Many business procedures use time monitoring as a crucial component for keeping track of project information. Because Smartsheet doesn’t have time-tracking capabilities, many companies are looking for alternatives.

This software’s lack of integrated chat capabilities and poor interoperability with third-party chat applications are drawbacks. Users must navigate collaborative chat, which necessitates adding more apps to your business process, which could be difficult and expensive.

If you have no prior expertise with spreadsheets, Smartsheet, like Excel spreadsheets you may already be familiar with, has a steep learning curve. Although Smartsheet has several helpful capabilities, it can take some time for users to use the interface and the program’s functionality.


In business, spreadsheets are a necessary evil. Everyone uses them occasionally, but nobody likes working there. You’re in luck if you’re seeking a Smartsheet substitute. This blog post will cover ten software applications that can free you from spreadsheets and increase your productivity. Although Smartsheet is still a fantastic program, looking at some of these alternative possibilities could be worthwhile if you want to boost your productivity. Which of these initiatives would be most effective for your company?

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