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Like most people, you’re constantly on the go if you’re a business owner. You require a practical, user-friendly mobile workflow. We’ve compiled a list of 6 field service apps to help you out because they’ll make your life simpler. You can manage your business while you’re on the go with the aid of these apps. They are fast, reliable, and easy to use. So why are you still waiting? See our selection and get started with these apps right away!

The growth of the field service sector has inspired providers to adopt mobile workforce solutions at a previously unheard-of rate. It’s hilarious for a technician to bring out the old clipboard and carbon-copy quotation or invoice these days because every service business seems to employ mobile field service software. These programs boost client happiness while giving field service companies speed, ease of use, and centralized organization.

Automation is the main source of new revenue for field service companies, claims Field Service. This makes sense when you think about it because technicians can work more quickly the less manual office work they have to do on each assignment. Greater automation is made possible by mobile field service software for an expanding mobile workforce.

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What is a field service app?

The Field Service mobile app for Android and iOS is an all-in-one solution for mobile workers on the move. This business-class mobile user experience uses Salesforce in a sleek, lightweight design optimized for today’s mobile workforce. The offline capability allows users to work without internet access while knowing that their changes are saved. Thanks to its flexibility, the app may also be configured to meet your unique field service needs.

When looking for a new field service app, ensure that your options have the best features for your particular business. These may include:

  • By keeping documents like invoices, customer information, and project details easily accessible online for all of your staff, both in the office and field technicians, you may save time and money with cloud backup..
  • Payments: an essential component of the billing process. Account reconciliation happens more quickly when technicians may receive payments on the job site.
  • Attachments: immediately on the website, list specific customer requests and job requirements. Images aid the understanding of otherwise hazy problem explanations.
  • The new CRM platform offers a complete solution for account management, customer care, and routing. It enables you to handle clients more effectively than before by giving you more precise information about their demands. With automated services that respond based on client feedback and purchase history, customer care is now simpler than ever. Discover upsell opportunities on the work site with personalized reports that feature sales projections for various regions and product categories (product families).
  • Dispatching that is mobile-friendly will increase the team’s adaptability and productivity. Payroll is simple with automatic time tracking using GPS or geofencing.
  • Inconsistencies in work-related paperwork can frequently lead to lost time and stress; however, keeping all related papers digitally in a single, central area that is quickly accessible helps to avoid this.

Field Service Apps That Do Mobile Right


FieldEdge is a cloud-based field service management app from the company behind Desco ESC. It’s designed to reduce calls or trips back to the home office that disrupts workflow by streamlining communications with the office–all while being mobile-ready.

The end-to-end solution also integrates with third-party platforms to provide your team and operations with communication notifications from the app. An integrated CRM allows technicians to view client information, make on-the-fly changes to jobs, and invoice clients.

You don’t have to worry about manually updating your work status in the app when you use FieldEdge. FieldEdge will update your work status for you automatically based on the actions you take within the app.


The cloud-based field service management tool RazorSync is compatible with desktop/browser computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is intended for small businesses and large corporations who seek to enhance their mobile field service management. Look for the program to have Quickbooks connectivity, mobile payments, work orders, and quick invoicing.

Like many of the services on our list, RazorSync uses GPS to track technicians as they go from job to job. The effectiveness of dispatch and customer communication are both improved by this technique. Customers can self-serve scheduling, work changes, and bills using the customer portal.

-Miracle Service

It saves time using Miracle Service’s service management software, which handles billing, contract management, and scheduling. Additionally, they are connected to 20 accounting programs, including Microsoft Dynamics and Quickbooks.

One of the best aspects of Miracle Service is that it is modular, allowing you to select the most crucial services for your business and add on more as it expands. The optional feature of mobile technician management, which distinguishes Miracle Service as a mobile application, is more than worth the higher cost due to the increased flexibility.

-Salesforce Service Cloud

Your staff can work from anywhere, even without a cell phone connection, using the Salesforce Service Cloud field service app! When a device is offline, important data is saved so that it can be restored in the cloud when it next connects to wifi or cellular connection. When employees of a company spend a lot of time out in the field, they need the passive security of knowing that their data is being stored. Service Cloud is also ideal for maintenance firms and facilities management teams who need to monitor systems using linked devices because it is IoT-enabled.

In the main interface, where technicians are already engaged, the Salesforce Einstein AI, powered by Einstein Vision, recognizes parts, evaluates inventories, and offers support to technicians.

-HouseCall Pro

With HouseCall Pro, mobile-connected field service is made easier for both the client and the business. Through a quick deposit into your bank account, Instapay enables you to collect payments, maintain track of electronic invoices, and quicken the invoice-to-cash cycle in your office. Additionally, HouseCall Pro handles scheduling on additional websites, including your website, Facebook, and Yelp. Additionally, the software offers automatic marketing options, including sending customers direct mail and email follow-ups.

One incredible feature is that technicians can use a secure SMS messaging tool to connect with clients and the office. They don’t have to give anyone their mobile numbers because of this. Additionally, the software divides office and client conversations into individual tabs; as a result, reducing the chance of miscommunications


FieldPulse is field service management software that enhances coordination and communication among mobility teams. FieldPulse ensures your team can maximize every task using Gantt-based scheduling, GPS-driven employee time clocks, commission tracking, and more. You may also organize your business finances with on-site payment alternatives provided by Square and Quickbooks connection for accounting needs.

The unique feature of FieldPulse is its item repository, which facilitates speedy invoice generation for technicians. Using FieldPulse, technicians may rapidly add their most often used invoice items that they have saved. By lowering errors, this function lessens workplace mistakes and enhances billing cycles.

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What are service apps, and how do they work?

Service apps are designed to streamline and improve your field service procedure. Service apps may aid in task completion, client communication, and inventory management by automating procedures, managing communication, and organizing inventory. There are many great service applications out there, but not all of them are created equal. For your consideration, here is a selection of six field service applications optimized for mobile devices.

Check out the list below to find the perfect app for your business:

– ServiceMax:

ServiceMax is a complete field service management solution that aids businesses in streamlining workflows and enhancing client relations.

– ClickSoftware:

Businesses can get complete field service management solutions from ClickSoftware, including scheduling, dispatching, resource management, and client self-service.

– Jobber:

Jobber is a field service management tool that assists companies with appointment scheduling, time tracking, billing, and payment collection.

– Housecall Pro:

Housecall Pro is a complete option for running your business while on the fly. Housecall Pro includes everything you need to manage your business from your mobile device, including appointment scheduling and GPS monitoring.

– WorkWave Service:

A field service management tool, WorkWave Service, assists companies in organizing their staff, setting up appointments, and dispatching technicians.

– FieldAware:

A cloud-based field service management tool called FieldAware aids businesses in streamlining workflows and enhancing client relations.

How do you use the field services app?

The optimal way to utilize field service apps can vary depending on your unique demands and procedure, thus there is no universally applicable answer to this topic. But there are a few significant ways that these apps can simplify your mobile workflow.

For example, field service apps can help you;

– Stay organized with job scheduling and dispatching features

– Communicate more efficiently with customers and team members

– Access noteworthy information and documents while on the go

– Keep track of work progress with GPS tracking and reporting features

Best Practices for improving your field service operations

Due to the many variables, managing field service operations may be challenging. You must not only supervise field staff, control schedules, monitor equipment, and address issues, but you must also delight clients by offering quick and practical support.

Your operations can become more profitable and efficient if you streamline your services. Use the following advice to reduce stress and improve the efficiency of your field service.

-Focus on better response time:

Technology has developed to a point where customers expect quick service. Many field-service companies know this and prioritize response time, but putting it into practice is another story. But don’t worry–scheduling service software can help! By allowing managers to assign and dispatch workers based on their location, availability, and skill set, as well as giving real-time information about the status of projects, this type of technology takes the guessing game out of knowing when workers have completed a project and if they’re able to accept new assignments.

-Collect and analyze data:

There’s a lot of data available for companies today, but it might be tough to make sense of it all. Not every piece of information needs to be evaluated, but obtaining data from key locations may help you improve your field service.

Data such as driver behavior, speed of service, delivery logs, time spent on each site, and routing records can be monitored and analyzed to identify service patterns. For example, analysts can discover which technicians operate the fastest, who completes the most daily assignments, average travel time to job sites, and the quickest routes.

-Increase Communication and Collaboration:

Thanks to mobile devices, field service personnel’ methods of communication are now more varied than just phone calls, texts, and emails. Thanks to cloud-based software, field service personnel can access files and data that will help them deliver services more effectively. Additionally, improved communication fosters collaboration because it’s simple for employees to ask for help or connect with colleagues even when they’re not there.

Fewer technicians are required on-site to handle issues since cloud storage enables employees to access documents, information, and directions from any location.

-Give the sales team a view of field operations:

Your sales team can be reached by phone or online, but face-to-face meetings are not permitted. No matter how skilled or experienced they are at their work; they cannot fully understand client wants because they are not on the ground.

Utilize your field crew, who has daily face-to-face interactions with clients. teach field staff the right questions to ask. Look for any gaps in the service or product offerings. Make a connection between them and the sales team so they may utilize this information. Additionally, having some sales experience helps technicians upsell clients on extra products and services or renew contracts on-site.

-Optimize Workflow:

Field managers and dispatchers struggle with the challenging task of coordinating the flow of service activities. On the other hand, it is made easier by using technology to track the availability of all resources.

Managers may improve delivery times, optimize routing, and gain insight into field operations with a scheduling tool. Some solutions also allow dispatchers to monitor traffic and alert them to the technician who can reach the destination quickly, providing them with the best route. Lowering the number of kilometers traveled not only improves service response times but may also result in gas cost savings.

-Identify Patterns for forecasting:

You cannot control service demands, such as power outages or weather conditions. However, there are some yearly patterns managers can examine to better precisely estimate service needs, preventing problems arising from last-minute schedule changes.

Managers should plan their resource capacity and monitor metrics like jobs finished, jobs lost, first-visit job completions, etc. To detect seasonal patterns or service surges and make modifications as necessary, compare this data monthly. The number of service jobs should also be taken into account by managers, such as sales incentives or local events. Good scheduling software may simplify forecasting through automated forecasting.

-Schedule Preventative Maintenance:

Businesses that practice preventive maintenance can enhance service, profitability, and schedule by avoiding the need to respond to customer problems. When a customer calls in with an emergency, a manager must find the closest field worker available to address the situation, which may disrupt the schedule. While keeping the timetable under control, preventative maintenance lowers the frequency of emergencies.

Customer assistance can improve the customer’s experience by establishing a lasting relationship and allaying worries about equipment failure. Customer support may help your company save time and lessen stress by streamlining service operations. The right scheduling software may give you operational information. It can raise the effectiveness and caliber of your offerings. Visual Planning could help you assign your people if you’re looking for a means to start using a field service management tool. The tool can also easily and effectively arrange processes and keep track of client expectations.


Business owners need mobile processes that are effective and simple to use because they are constantly on the road. We’ve compiled a list of 6 field service apps to help you out because they’ll make your life simpler. You can manage your business while you’re on the go with the aid of these apps. They work quickly, reliably, and conveniently. So why are you still waiting? See our selection and get started with these apps right away!

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