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Consider RingCentral if you’re seeking a cost-effective and feature-rich business phone system. However, it’s crucial to consider all of your possibilities before making a final choice. The best competitors and alternatives to RingCentral will be covered in this blog post. We’ll go through everything, from features to cost, to help you decide which provider is best for your company.

The price is one of the most crucial things to consider when selecting a business phone system. RingCentral offers several price options, with monthly user fees beginning at $19.99. However, you’ll have to switch to a more expensive plan if you need more features.

One of the main reasons businesses choose RingCentral is its robust feature set. Some of the most popular features include:

  • Voicemail transcription into text
  • Recording calls
  • Distributing calls automatically (ACD)
  • Voice-activated interaction (IVR)
  • Electronic fax
  • Individual caller ID

Even though these are all excellent features, they might not be worth the money if you don’t need them. Be sure to assess your requirements and determine whether the capabilities supplied by RingCentral are worthwhile before subscribing.

Customer assistance is yet another crucial aspect to take into account. Along with email and live chat help, RingCentral also provides 24-hour phone support. Customer care representatives can, however, be challenging to reach, according to some users. Consider using a different provider if you don’t like the thought of having to deal with automated menu options or hold times.

When selecting a corporate phone system, scalability is another factor to consider. You’ll need a system that can scale with your firm if it expands quickly. As your business grows, you can add more users thanks to RingCentral’s scalable plans. However, the cost per user will increase when you develop your plan.

It’s time to choose between RingCentral and its rivals now that you are better informed about them. Before making a decision, consider all the points we’ve covered. You can find the best business phone system for your needs with little research.

It’s never dull in business. The daily operations are, may we say, frantic. You’ll need reliable communication tools to get the job done no matter where your office is. Your team has excellent audio and visual communications options, whether working remotely, in an office setting, or in a hybrid situation.

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral should be at the top of your list if you seek a dependable, trustworthy communications service. You may simply work from any location and stay in touch with clients or team members thanks to the desktop system’s voice, text, fax, and web conferencing capabilities.

The RingCentral Alternatives

VoIP platforms are not all made equal. While RingCentral is a good VoIP option, other choices can better fit your needs and budget.


VoIP provider Ooma offers its services to both home and commercial clients. It is a budget-friendly VoIP service with extras like HD calling. Users who want to use essential countrywide phone services like call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail can either get a new number or use one already.


It is simple and quick to start up for tiny businesses while yet being economical by simply providing two pricing plans.


The group messaging feature, where users may initiate or join group conversations, share files, and engage in audio and video conferences, is unavailable in the Game Center option.


With over a million clients and a 99.9% reliability rating, Vonage is a huge company and one of the most well-liked alternatives available. Unlimited calling, texting, team collaboration tools, and more than 50 unique phone features are all part of a full business phone package. It costs more than RingCentral but offers all of the same features.


The proof is the most OK RingCentral substitute for companies who want the flexibility to gradually add capabilities and a per-user cost that drops as more users are added.


Instead of using its built-in video conferencing software version, it uses Amazon Chime Pro Tier from a third party.

To use cloud-based services, non-profit organizations and individuals only need a reliable internet connection, according to Making the most of this dedicated service is simply because of its more than 40 unique possibilities.


This is an excellent alternative to RingCentral for businesses who simply require the essentials and want to be able to choose only the extras they want with their package.


Not so excellent if you also use other modes of communication if you’re hoping for a straightforward improvement.


Similar services are offered by Grasshopper, which has been operational almost as long as RingCentral, to people and small businesses who desire a more expert web presence. Additionally, Grasshopper provides unrestricted texts, domestic calls, and voicemails that may be accessed via desktop and mobile apps.


RingCentral is your best option if you’re a small business owner looking for an economical yet high-quality internet communication solution.


You need an active line to route calls from to utilize this app; unless you upgrade, you won’t be given a phone number.


2,048 is the magic number. However, since the 88 has been around for more than ten years and has only recently entered the VoIP market, many people are already familiar with it. All of its packages include unlimited international calls. In addition to local access numbers for each country, local presence and phone numbers are accessible in more than 50 countries.


The top RingCentral substitute for businesses needing larger meetings with access from anywhere in the world.


Its competitors provide additional communication options and a more intuitive user interface. Additionally, live chat is not an option.


Ringblaze is a phone service that provides small and medium-sized businesses with various phone numbers for needs related to international trade. Even if you have a small budget, setting it up is simple, thanks to the dashboard. This is a more recent choice that has only recently been used.


The best RingCentral substitute for collaborating between sales and support.


We concentrate on supporting small to medium-sized businesses over the phone.


Businesses of all sizes can use the flexible communications platform known as Nextiva. Various features and integrations are available in their Business Communication Suite, Customer Relationship Suite, and Team Communication Suite to help you have a better experience.


Although its VoIP and UC capabilities are less robust than RingCentral’s, they are less expensive and have a four-tiered subscription structure.


Even though it has a few drawbacks, there are some advantages. It uses third-party software for certain functionality like integrations and customer support.


It is feature-rich and allows you to provide a wide range of functions, including live calling, using your domain name and IP address. Advanced VoIP service VirtualPBX also offers 800 numbers. This makes it simple to connect to any company’s infrastructure that requires dependability and round-the-clock support.


A user-friendly iOS and Android app with several capabilities, including voicemail transcriptions copied to email, mobile fax signatures, and faxes converted to PDFs.


The mobile app lacks several features found on the dashboard, and the user experience might be made more user-friendly.

-Mighty Call

VoIP service Mighty Call was created with small enterprises in mind. It provides options including call waiting, high-quality audio, toll-free numbers, and hold music. This virtual phone system is quick, simple to use, safe, and reasonably priced.


The most viable alternative to RingCentral for businesses wanting a trustworthy and comprehensive business phone system that offers high-quality sound and many practical features.


According to reviews, customer service might be improved, and the service isn’t always dependable.

-Google Meet

A reliable internet connection and a smartphone are needed to use the practical international app, Google Meet. You will receive a number after creating an account that may be used on any device, anywhere in the world. This program is flexible and compatible with a variety of instruments. It also contains features like call blocking, text chatting, video conferencing, and other similar ones.


The most excellent RingCentral substitute is cost-free, available from any app store for mobile devices, and compatible with US phone numbers for each user account.


You’ll need the smartphone app and a steady Internet connection to utilize this program to make free calls.

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Choosing the suitable alternative to RingCentral

Consider how you and your team prefer to communicate to choose the ideal RingCentral alternative. At the very least, consider usability, cost, and functionality. You may learn more about call quality, limitations, integrations, assistance, and customer care by reading reviews from clients and publications. Simply choose whether phone conversations or online meetings are ideal for you to start with.

Is RingCentral free to use?

The cloud-based communication tool RingCentral provides several functions and services. The MVP plans, which are its flagship offering, are paid for, and the pricing structure changes depending on what you need and the size of your organization. However, there are some restrictions on the 30-day free trial that new users can join up for.

Five users and two desktop phone lines with 50 minutes of free domestic calling each are included in RingCentral’s free trial, allowing you to test the service’s suitability for your needs without paying anything upfront. Unfortunately, the free trial does not include SMS messaging.

The Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Ultimate tiers of the RingCentral MVP are available. After the 30-day free trial, the cost of these plans (per user) varies from $20 to $60 depending on how many users your plan will include and if you choose to pay monthly or annually. The best price per person is obtained annually, decreasing as the number of users rises. When you buy for two or more people, you can save money; when you buy for 100 users, you can save even more. The Essentials plan may accommodate a maximum of 20 users, so ensure you have two users before subscribing to obtain the best deal.

Why should you consider RingCentral for your business?

A cloud-based phone system like RingCentral can save your business money by eliminating the need for expensive and complicated office hardware. The intelligent design enables you to make and receive calls using your smartphone, tablet, computer, or specialized hardware, giving your clients the impression that you are in a “conventional” office whether you are actually in one or not. RingCentral has the power to change how you conduct business.

Here are five reasons you should consider it for your business.

1. Always available

You should follow your business calls rather than the other way around. Your workplace phone will always be with you if you have an internet connection. You won’t have to run back to work to sit at your desk and miss crucial calls. You can work wherever there is an internet connection, whether in your car, a park, or another location.

2. Always someone ready to answer

You can use RingCentral Auto Attendant to direct calls to another team member, giving the impression that you are available. This is ideal if someone on the team isn’t available to take a call or you’re in a meeting that can’t be interrupted. Team members can all receive calls, regardless of where they are.

3. You can bring your device

Many employees carry a “work phone” and a “personal phone,” but RingCentral makes it simple for your business to replace the two phones with a safe BYOD policy that works with your smartphone. Any mix of desktop phones, apps, and mobile devices can be used to place calls.

4. Integrates with your favorite apps

In addition to giving you complete control over your workplace phone system via email, RingCentral has integrations with popular programs like Salesforce, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Outlook.

5. Works seamlessly around the world

The cloud-based phone system from RingCentral keeps your team connected through a single corporate phone system while enabling you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Directories and extensions aid in ensuring that your clients always speak with the appropriate individual right away. A full audio and video conferencing solution, Ring Central Meetings encourages seamless team communication for workforces located anywhere in the world.

grasshopper compared to ringcentral

Grasshopper vs RingCentral

“The Entrepreneur’s Phone System” virtual phone system is called Grasshopper. It is billed as the “Virtual Phone System intended for Entrepreneurs,” which sounds more professional and enables you to stay in touch with it. There is no requirement for gear or software because Grasshopper functions like a regular phone system.

But because RingCentral is cloud-based, you have complete control over your system by connecting and managing various sites, devices, and employees from anywhere in the world. RingCentral is marketed as a “Cloud business phone system that works the way you do.” You may easily customize call-handling rules for users, departments, and other entities wherever you or the users are. Your phone system will be operational right away with just a reliable Internet connection. Hardware for PBXs is not required. Grasshopper and RingCentral fit broadly within the “Phone” applications category.

-Some of the features offered by Grasshopper are:

  • You can have a local or national presence with a toll-free or local number.
  • Get as many extensions for your departments and employees as you like.
  • You may work wherever you are by having calls routed to your phone.

-On the other hand, RingCentral provides the following key features:

  • Along with an IP-PBX, RingCentral also offers mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phones. This solution needs to cover a wide range of areas. The cloud PBX from RingCentral comes with a single phone system.
  • Reduce downtime to save money and time. You can start working immediately after connecting your office to the Internet. PBX equipment is not necessary.
  • Our system expands along with your business. It takes no more time than setting up emails to add or delete users. Set up your presence status to communicate with coworkers and ensure no missed calls by indicating whether you are available, busy, or on hold.

RingCentral Vs Vonage

Make sure the process is simple before choosing and installing new software for your firm. Most software and hardware setups should be simple for your company’s IT personnel to handle. But if you don’t have an IT staff, pick a tool whose installation comes with detailed instructions.

Thankfully, both of these programs have straightforward setup processes. When you join their services, you’ll get a welcome mail from them with all the required details. Visit the Installation Team page and fill out the online contact form if you need help installing Vonage. Clear and simple to follow step-by-step instructions are offered by Vonage and RingCentral alike.


RingCentral and Vonage offer free calling and messaging in the US and Canada, even with their most affordable plans. The difference is that while Vonage provides free minutes (but not SMS) for Mexico, RingCentral’s Unlimited Calling Plan is not offered by Vonage.

On the other side, Vonage does not offer its service overseas. This does not mean that Vonage or other services cannot be used to call or receive numbers in other countries. The distinguishing factor, in this case, is that using a Vonage number for commercial purposes outside of the United States is prohibited. Choose RingCentral or one of our recommended alternatives if your business isn’t based in the United States or employs workers abroad.

Consider Ringblaze if you require international calling services; we are dedicated to creating this technology. In addition to supporting international numbers, it allows clients to call your company free from anywhere globally. Join Ringblaze to give it a try! Voicemail-to-text, team chat, and document sharing are additional tools offered by RingCentral that include even the most basic plan. While both VoIP providers provide a variety of capabilities, they operate more similarly than voice networks based on the H323 standard. Consider them “pick your own features” systems instead of conventional IP PBXs.


Your business will run more smoothly when the tools you use work together seamlessly. These are referred to as “integrations,” They might range from something straightforward, like organizing a call using Outlook, to something complex, like having access to detailed call reports on Salesforce.

Reach out to your IT department to have specific integrations developed for you if your preferred VoIP provider doesn’t already offer them, or consider purchasing a third-party integration solution. However, it’s always preferable when the required integration is included as standard with the product.

This is another instance of a market where two providers’ competition produced a close match. Vonage was among the first businesses to integrate, but RingCentral has since followed up, and the two are now roughly equivalent rivals in this space. Both offer interfaces with well-known programs, including OneDrive, Salesforce, Google Apps, and Office 365. They only differ slightly in ways that might influence your decision. For instance, Vonage does not link with Dropbox, although RingCentral does. On the other hand, Ring Central does not have Netsuite integration, although Vonage does.


RingCentral’s Essential Plan starts at $19.99. However, these solutions have various plans with different features, extension caps, and integrations. After the initial purchase, the corporation also provides The Standard program ($24.99), Premium ($34.99), and Ultimate ($49.99), although all of the costs are per user per month. In other words, the price increases directly to the number of extensions you require.

You must upgrade from the Essential plan if you want to use any more specialized services, such as integration with Office 365 or G Suite, international numbers, and CRM connectors with Salesforce.

Vonage’s service is less expensive than RingCentral’s, though: The Basic plan is $19.99 per month, while the Premium package is $29.99. Vonage has three different pricing categories, similar to RingCentral: Mobile is $19.99 per month, Premium is $29.99 per month, and Advanced is $39.99 per month.

Ringblaze might be your best alternative if you’re having problems interpreting the pricing structures of these companies. It’s more cost-effective than RingCentral and Vonage because there is only one manageable monthly payment option! If you pay annually, each user’s monthly fee will only be $15; however, if you pay monthly, the fee will be $29.

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What devices support RingCentral?

With the RingCentral app or VoIP phones, you may use RingCentral’s cloud Voice over IP service online. Traditional VoIP phones resemble standard business and call center handsets but use the internet to place calls rather than a landline. RingCentral VoIP phones include special MVP service features and the usual landline functionality. These consist of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, big touch screens, in-built cameras for video conversations, and more.

You must utilize the accompanying software to manage your conversations and enable all of RingCentral MVP’s features. On Windows and Mac PCs and Android and iOS mobile devices, you may download and set up RingCentral apps. You can use this to hold meetings, conduct video conferences, listen to voicemail transcriptions, and access more sophisticated capabilities like customer call analysis and QoS reports if such tools are part of your plan. RingCentral Workforce Central, the company’s most recent product, combines sales operations and marketing automation. Additionally, it interfaces with third-party platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, and Canvas and workflow programs like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Slack.

Who should use RingCentral?

In conclusion, is the VoIP supplier you must utilize if you’re a team manager or business owner looking to enhance internal communication. Instead of using many apps and services, having one streamlined system for all business communications is far more efficient. In the long term, this will save you money by eliminating unnecessary costs and time-consuming workflows (and, subsequently, money).

Organizations can benefit significantly from RingCentral, from tiny brick-and-mortar shops to important call centers and multi-story offices. Don’t think RingCentral MVP plans are just for large companies with large teams of dozens or hundreds of people because they are highly flexible and reasonably priced. Any business in the 21st century needs effective and seamless communication, significantly when leveraging new technologies like mobile phones. Whether you are just starting or have years of experience, RingCentral can help you at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey.

How does RingCentral work?

Now that you know the basics of RingCentral, how does it work in practice? As previously mentioned, a VoIP service like RingCentral only enables you to conduct all of your business calls over your current local internet network at the most fundamental level. This approach eliminates the need for a traditional landline while also offering more utility than video calling and text messaging programs can by consolidating all facets of your business communications into a single location. However, it goes beyond that.

You may use the best RingCentral package for your company immediately after choosing it. Complete the quick and straightforward RingCentral setup process should take a few minutes. You must wait for the delivery of any extra equipment you ordered, such as VoIP phones, before utilizing them. But you may start using all the RingCentral software’s features right away in the interim. Windows and Mac desktops and iOS and Android mobile devices can run the RingCentral software. This offers you access to various elements of your RingCentral plan, like call analytics, a user interface for group messaging, file sharing, video meetings, etc.

Additionally, you can integrate RingCentral with well-liked third-party workflows like Microsoft Teams and Slack and systems tailored to industries like Zendesk, Salesforce, and Canvas. Although some features are only available in higher package tiers, this is business-grade software.

A cloud-based communications tool called RingCentral unifies voice, text, voicemail, team messaging, and document sharing on a single platform. It also functions with conventional VoIP phones. VoIP phones are telephones that resemble traditional landlines in appearance and functionality but work with your RingCentral plan to provide additional features like text messaging and video conversations.

While VoIP phones are helpful for companies that want to uphold some traditionalism, they are not required because RingCentral may be used exclusively on desktops and mobile devices. You can still use all the features of your subscription package.


Before settling on a service, do your homework, and compare prices, as each of our lists has unique features and advantages. The most satisfactory solution for your company will ultimately depend on your requirements and financial constraints. We hope this post has assisted you in reducing your options and given you the knowledge you need to choose the best phone system for your needs.

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