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STOP PAYING FOR ADVERTISEMENTS NOW, COACHES AND CONSULTANTS! You’ve certainly heard it before: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” It’s wise advice, especially when it comes to marketing. Here are 6 tested tips to attract more customers without spending a dime on advertising. Spending money on advertising entails taking a chance that the ads will be successful. But supposing they don’t? What if you could increase your clientele without investing in advertisements? We’ll provide you six recommendations in this blog post on how to increase your clientele without investing any money in advertising.

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What’s the Difference Between a Business Coach and a Consultant?

You probably already know what a coach  or consultant can do, but in a competitive market, some people have tried to be a little too smart with their definitions. So let’s confirm that we are using the same definitions.

A coach or consultant’s main goal is to assist you in resolving issues with your business. Their strategies are different.

A business coach works to make you a better manager of your company. A business consultant adopts a more focused hands-on strategy and offers tailored solutions for your company.

When Should You Hire a Consultant?

A business consultant offers specialized answers to your unique difficulties, whereas a business coach focuses more on offering counsel. Think of a consultant as a subject matter expert with their “sleeves rolled up.”

For example, there are consultants for sales, marketing, human resources, and production needs. You won’t have to look very far to find an expert if you need one for just about any aspect of your organization.

You might be wondering at this point, “Do coaches also assist with those things? Why would I need a consultant instead, please? ”

Conceptually, the primary distinction is in the projects that each practitioner is engaged in. A coach helps you get better. The consultant actively participates in your company. However, there are a few other explanations for why you would desire a consultant.

Which Should I Hire? Coach v. Consultant

Hire a Coach If;

If you need assistance in a subject that you will eventually be in charge of, a coach is perhaps a better option. The ability of a coach to help you develop your leadership and vision can be really helpful in this type of situation. Their perspective won’t just help you today; it will better prepare you for long-term development.

Hire a Consultant If;

When you require someone’s knowledge applied to a particular circumstance, think about hiring a consultant. They are designed to supplement your current workforce and offer short-term assistance to bridge a capacity shortfall. This can be everything from HR to providers specific to a given industry to sales and marketing.

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6 Proven Tips to Get More Clients Without Spending a Dime on Advertising;

1. Build a personal brand:

When you first start a business, it might be difficult to attract new clients since you need their trust, especially if you are the one doing the service. I used my own brand, which included years’ worth of blog posts, a social media following, a website, press appearances, and more, as a result. This gave potential clients a chance to learn more about me and my reputation outside of only my new company.

2. Do your own PR:

I was able to regularly bring in new consumers thanks to being mentioned in news publications and going viral several times. I never worked with a PR agency and instead learned how to approach media on my own.

I began by doing extensive research and compiling a big list of media channels I wished to be featured on, after which I discovered the kinds of stories they prefer to cover. After that, I made adjustments to my presentations to each of these media venues and repeatedly followed up with them to receive feedback and eventually land a feature. I’ve been mentioned in over 250 press outlets as a result of this over the past six years.

3. Provide free value:

When I first started my firm, I was anxious to make money, but I soon understood that I also needed to consistently provide value for my clients, often in the form of free value.

I made the decision to publish weekly blog entries and produce YouTube guidance videos so that whenever someone learned about my business (via the media or social media), they could access free tip-based content. By doing this, I was able to provide the company legitimacy and the consumer value.

4. Tap into social media:

Social networking has the potential to be a valuable, cost-free source of new clients for your company. I made the decision to utilize Facebook and Instagram frequently, posting on each network at least once every day. I also engaged with other accounts in the business that my target audience would like (but that weren’t my rivals), utilized hashtags to make my content searchable, and only shared stuff that was helpful to my audience and wasn’t overly promotional or generic.

5. Keep industry friends close:

Finding people in the wedding industry to network with took up a lot of my free time. Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a significant source of new clients if you don’t have a budget for advertising or marketing.

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6. Create superfan customers: 

In order to make sure my customers were satisfied with my service, I gave them my full attention. This assisted me in developing superfan clients who would gladly serve as positive recommendations and spread the word about me to their networks and acquaintances. I would occasionally encourage previous clients to spread the word about me or I would offer them a complimentary service (like a check-up phone call) in exchange for bringing in a new client.


We can help if you’re seeking for strategies to increase your clientele without investing in advertising. We’ll provide you six suggestions in this blog post for recruiting new clients and producing leads on a budget. So why are you still waiting? Start implementing these suggestions, and watch how your business expands!

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