The 6 Best AWS Competitors for Cloud Backup and Storage: Which One is Right for You?

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You’re lucky if you seek a cloud backup and storage solution other than AWS. Many excellent choices are available, each with unique qualities of its own. The six top AWS alternatives will be compared in this blog post. We’ll talk about costs, attributes, usability, and more. Therefore, we can meet your needs regardless of whether you want a less expensive choice or more features like catastrophe recovery.

When selecting a cloud backup and storage service, the cost is always a crucial factor to consider. Pay-as-you-go pricing is available through AWS, which is perfect for businesses with varying demands. However, some of its rivals provide more affordable pricing structures. For instance, although Azure Blob Storage is merely $0.023 per GB per month, Google Cloud Storage has a flat rate of $0.026 per GB per month. These options could ultimately cost less if you know your company’s storage requirements are broadly consistent.

AWS provides a wide range of solutions for storing and backing up data in terms of functionalities. Some of its rivals, nevertheless, have extra features that might be a better fit for your requirements. For instance, Google Cloud Storage offers near-line and cold-line storage options for data that doesn’t need to be accessed regularly. At the same time, Azure Blob Storage has built-in disaster recovery features.

Another critical factor to consider when selecting a cloud backup and storage option is the ease of usage. The user-friendly interface provided by AWS makes it simple to begin backing up and storing data. However, some of its rivals include more sophisticated features that might have a steeper learning curve. As an illustration, Google Cloud Storage has an intuitive user interface, while Azure Blob Storage gives a complete set of tools for managing massive volumes of data.

Whatever your requirements, a cloud backup and storage solution is available for you. Before making your ultimate choice, examine the costs, features, usability, and other factors. And if you’re still unsure which is best for you, our team of professionals is here to help! For a free consultation, get in touch with us today.

Your business’s unique needs should be considered when choosing a cloud backup and storage solution. Google Cloud Storage or Azure Blob Storage can be great options if money is an issue. Azure Blob Storage or Google Cloud Storage might be better if you need extra services like disaster recovery or near-line storage. And getting started with AWS is made easier by its user-friendly UI.

You might seek an alternative for several reasons, even if Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the undisputed industry leader. You might be directly competing with one of AWS’s numerous e-commerce sites or have unique requirements that its assortment of services can’t satisfy. These are the top Bestows alternatives available right now, whatever your reason.

Smaller enterprises were taken into consideration when compiling this list of cloud platforms. These organizations offer cost-effective IaaS, PaaS, database backup, and security services to businesses of all sizes. In recent years, cloud computing has grown in popularity due to its accessibility and convenience.

These are the 6 AWS Competitors for Cloud Backup and Storage;

-Microsoft Azure:

Every requirement for high security is met by Azure’s over 70 regulatory compliance solutions, which span everything from encryption to HIPAA to financial services to GDPR. Since servers and databases from every international business are a part of Azure’s cloud, data center location compliance is also addressed.

-Google Cloud:

The top three data solutions are all built on public cloud infrastructure, with Google Cloud at the top of the list. The new standard in businesses is Google goods, thanks to GSuite, affordable enterprise infrastructures, and integration with container storage technology Kubernetes. Google offers several options for companies that wish to use Google servers for corporate storage or those that already use GSuite and require additional cloud apps with scalability and dependability. Tools for app development, BI and machine learning, data management, and infrastructure are all available. In each category, the global Google server networks guarantee failure over and data redundancy.


Alibaba offers cloud services in addition to being an e-commerce website. Alibaba Cloud, which was first created to support its online retail platforms, now provides app development, security, analytics, extensive data storage services, and domain registration.

According to reports, Alibaba seems to be a reliable and trustworthy storage option. Check your terms of service and usage agreements carefully to discover who has access to your data, as you should with any offshore storage provider. Although governments haven’t yet targeted cloud data storage services, several major companies, like Facebook, have decided against running the risk of building data centers in nations where they could desire access to confidential company data.


VMware provides various virtualization solutions to help businesses move their databases and app architectures to on-premises, public, or hybrid clouds. The development of new apps is automated by VMware’s database, networking, and operations software. While using the least amount of IT resources possible for each new build, these technologies assist enterprises in quickly building their app library. Seek high-level services from VMware for business continuity, disaster recovery, and infrastructure connectivity to your existing frameworks and tools.


Even if IBM is one of the most reliable and prosperous firms in the computing industry, don’t undervalue its creative potential. In addition, IBM is committed to virtualization, DevOps, cloud and hybrid storage, and AI. The cloud has over 60 data centers spread out across the globe.


A global network of databases supports Oracle’s extensive corporate software network. Numerous Oracle applications, like NetSuite and Oracle ERP, have significant data requirements and work best in the cloud.

Oracle offers platform and infrastructure (IaaS and PaaS) capabilities to assist enterprise enterprises in creating, maintaining, and managing web and mobile applications for large organizations to use their IT resources better; these apps frequently complete business-critical tasks and otherwise call for a developer’s assistance. Customer-facing apps are another option.

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Best AWS Alternatives & Competitors

Although AWS is a well-known cloud provider, numerous options can provide free MySQL database services and cheaper file storage. Web hosts may offer managed cloud services at a more affordable cost while retaining high-performance standards, development tools, and availability thanks to virtualization. Public cloud hosts provide more alternatives for developers to build complicated application environments on a broader scale. A suitable cloud hosting option is accessible no matter the size of your project or organization.

Look at our rankings of these low-cost managed cloud alternatives to AWS.

Best Cheap AWS Alternatives:

If you run a small business, you can find several web hosts with more affordable plans that provide AWS substitutes with a wide range of open-source developer options. Purchasing a cPanel server, which often includes a managed LAMP stack and performance optimization for a better experience, would be the most cost-effective method to handle this. For the rankings below, we prefer budget-friendly hosting packages that work with MySQL databases and come with free, open-source tools for programmers. By combining managed cloud solutions and freely downloadable software on one platform, small enterprises can save a lot of money.

The best cheap AWS alternatives are;

Another excellent example of a high-performance cloud hosting provider that has been there since the early days of the internet is Kamatera. In addition to its data centers, Kamatera also runs proprietary nodes in New York, Texas, California, Amsterdam, London, Hong Kong, and Israel. Kamatera provides a unique hybrid cloud platform with products for whatever major business project.


  • With a selection of control panels, cloud servers with one to six virtual CPUs, 1 TB of RAM, and 60 GB of storage are all accessible.
  • We provide the most affordable block storage prices per GB in the web hosting industry.
  • We provide fully managed cloud choices for businesses that must be audited for compliance.
  • Services focusing on software development and the Microsoft Azure private cloud.

Self-service virtualized hardware is readily available from Kamatera under managed and unmanaged plans. This supplier is suggested for relational database hosting and VM orchestration due to the affordable pricing for Cloud storage on SSD or HDD. Pay-as-you-go billing enables users to only pay for the computing, storage, bandwidth, and other resources they utilize each month.

For new consumers, HostGator is the most well-known cloud hosting provider. Every piece of LAMP hardware has been designed for runtime support, and HostGator offers compliant cPanel web servers. The cloud hosting platform from HostGator has one of the lowest prices on the internet and is designed to be a developer- and user-friendly.


  • For best performance, incorporate caching, load balancing, and data mirroring.
  • Plans for a single domain come with two dedicated CPUs and 2 GB of RAM for each account.
  • Using low-density, high-end hardware will result in 2x quicker performance speeds.
  • Enhanced cPanel security tool management for domains and web servers.

The cloud computing platform from HostGator offers twice the speed and four times the resources of other well-equipped shared hosting servers.

Three copies of your data are automatically distributed among several devices by the hosting firm. Your website will immediately switch to a different server in case of a hardware issue, keeping it accessible to visitors. Customers can choose the location of their hardware by availability zone, and HostGator engineers oversee modern data centers in Texas and Utah.

Independent provider Hostwinds is a cloud hosting company with data centers in Seattle, Dallas, and Amsterdam. After an audit, the facilities received a Tier 3 rating. Inexperienced users and seasoned programmers can use the number of pre-configured options offered by Hostwinds. The single-domain shared hosting package is an affordable method to build on a high-performance platform that enables you to deploy as many virtual machines (VMs) or virtual private servers (VPS) as required as a cloud service.


  • LAMP installation of open source scripts using cPanel, Softaculous, and Weebly.
  • Unlimited monthly bandwidth and storage are included in the single-domain package.
  • Pay-as-you-go billing is provided for the cloud server VM platform.
  • Upgrade your hosting from Basic to Business for LiteSpeed server setups.

You may easily host apps on Apache, NGINX, LiteSpeed, or other unique server configurations using the Hostwinds platform. If you choose a location in one of many nations, your server will be operational in 20 seconds. Site owners may easily add substantial quantities of block or object storage, and VMs are compatible with Docker development pipelines. Hostwinds provides low-cost, high-performance substitutes for AWS service plans.

One of the most well-known and reputable independent cloud hosting service providers is A2 Hosting. A2 Hosting was well known even before AWS was established. There are data centers for A2 Hosting in the US, Singapore, and Amsterdam. LAMP servers from A2 Hosting come with cPanel administration at some of the lowest prices in the industry. Unmanaged cloud VPS plans are available from nA2 Hosting and may be installed and used on nearly any web server stack.


  • Dedicated cloud servers with a single core and 150GB of RAID-10 SSD storage.
  • Any web server and OS software can be installed on unmanaged VPS subscriptions.
  • With superior hardware, the Turbo Server upgrade offers 20x better performance speeds.
  • Provides free tools to support the creation of open-source online and mobile applications.

Small businesses looking for dependable and economical hosting services may consider A2 Hosting. This cloud service provider competes effectively against AWS’s public cloud because of its affordable resources and infrastructure. A2 Hosting does not, however, provide genuinely flexible server solutions that are appropriate for large-scale facilities like EC2.

Another reliable web host with over 20 years of experience is InterServer. InterServer manages data centers in Secaucus, New Jersey, and Los Angeles.

With its Cloud VPS platform intended for specific setups, InterServer targets developers. To support web programming languages, run any OS, database, or web server software.


  • Plans for cloud VPSs start at $96 per month and scale from 1 CPU to 16 CPU configurations.
  • Administration using the Webuzo management panel on managed CentOS Linux web servers.
  • Use control panels with monthly licensing fees like cPanel, DirectAdmin, or Plesk.
  • Utilize ASP.Net tools and native Hyper-V support to run Windows on Cloud VPS.

InterServer is an attractive option for software development teams requiring various hardware configurations because it provides over 450 open-source scripts for cloud applications, from e-commerce to wikis. Additionally, the business helps clients use the free Cloudflare CDN for global website caching, which reduces load times. Prices for Amazon Web Services are considerably higher than those for InterServer’s VPS options.

A Windows-only hosting company at first, AccuWebHosting quickly grew to offer full-service web hosting with Linux compatibility. Initially providing cloud VPS platforms, AccuWebHosting now provides inexpensive cloud server solutions that may run either Windows or Linux on virtual machines.


  • Hosting solutions for Windows and Linux that are inexpensive and highly scalable.
  • Xen virtualization powers Linux VPS plans with a 100% hardware uptime warranty.
  • There are 12 data centers to choose from across five continents for Windows VPS options.
  • Windows or Linux servers with support for custom stacks are run on the cloud VM platform.

AccuWebHosting offers Cloud VPS, dedicated servers, reseller hosting, and DBaaS services. Each AccuWebHosting plan offers virtualization options for Windows and Linux, including bespoke installations for developers and configurations that are friendly to programmers.

What are the benefits of AWS cloud backup and storage services?

Utilizing AWS cloud backup and storage services has several benefits over those offered by other businesses.

These benefits include:

-You only ever pay for the resources you utilize with AWS. Long-term commitments or exorbitant up-front costs are not necessary with this approach.

– AWS has all the tools you need to efficiently manage your storage and backup needs.

– Block storage, file storage, object storage, and relational databases are just a few of the storage possibilities offered by AWS. This enables you to choose the solution that best suits your requirements.

-Amazon AWS has an open design that allows it to work with various third-party data protection solutions and add more security to your data.

– AWS is constantly working on new capabilities to help you improve the effectiveness of your backup and storage operations.

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How do AWS’s pricing plans compare to those of its competitors?

With AWS’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, you only pay for the resources you utilize. Although saving money could be a great strategy, this might also result in unforeseen expenses. The pricing strategies offered by competitors of AWS range from subscription plans with set monthly or yearly prices to demand-based pricing models. These rules might be more dependable, making them a better choice for businesses with predictable storage needs.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a wide range of cloud backup and storage options. However, its competitors are catching up, and several now provide equivalent functionality at less expensive prices.

What features does AWS offer that are not available from its competitors?

The extensive variety of AWS services—over 175—appeals to users the most. Although having more selections might appear overkill, they help you find what you’re looking for. For instance, Google Cloud Platform offers 20 services compared to Azure’s 60.

AWS has several specialized features, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon SSS), Amazon Glacier, and Amazon Elastic Block Store. No other cloud service provider offers these services.

AWS allows you to run both conventional and cloud-native applications, which makes it different from Azure and Google Cloud Platform in that it gives you more control over your environment.

Finally, AWS offers significantly more alternatives for assistance and training than its competitors. This includes a thorough customer service division and a wide range of in-person and online training opportunities.


There are a variety of excellent alternatives to AWS. Before choosing one of the providers listed above, remember that each has different advantages and characteristics. Having said that, we sincerely hope this blog post has given you a head start in your quest for the ideal service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries or need assistance limiting your options. We’re glad to assist!

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