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What do you do if you need a different kind of collaboration tool than Airtable? For collaboration in 2022, see our list of the Top Airtable Alternatives! You can choose one of these instruments that best suits your demands because they have many features and options.

Check out Asana if you’re searching for a tool to manage your projects. With a range of features to keep you organized, Asana is a fantastic choice for teams of all sizes.

Todoist is an excellent choice if you require a program specifically made for task management. Todoist is a straightforward user interface that makes managing your tasks and completing them simple.

Finally, Trello is the best option if you’re searching for a solution to assist you with project and task management. Trello provides a user-friendly design and several features to assist you in managing your tasks.

The Top Airtable Alternatives for Collaboration in 2022 include only a few of these. Make sure to look over your alternatives and choose the best tool. There’s no excuse for you to fail to select the ideal tool for your needs when there are so many fantastic possibilities accessible.

Digital collaboration platforms like Airtable have gained popularity as more businesses switch to hybrid and remote work models to link employees and bolster internal communication.

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a tool for project management and collaboration that provides groups with a central location to handle tasks, clients, and ideas. Users may need time to get used to the formatting, even though Airtable is versatile and can be tailored to user preferences.

Its main features are:

  • We provide project management systems to plan projects of all sorts, including those you could find in your house or on an epic scale. Agile project management software designed exclusively for the construction and architectural industries is now available from Weett Software, thanks to a partnership with top-tier industry experts. The ultimate objective is to increase the rate of technology adoption and assist contractors in avoiding overspending on unsuitable solutions.
  • Team members may access the necessary content while working on assignments using platforms like Salesforce, Google Docs, and Evernote. Document management is essential because it ensures everyone has a copy of every document.
  • Our software is compatible with critical corporate apps and systems.

The best Airtable alternatives for project management and collaboration

JIRA: Your Report Generator

Atlassian provides JIRA alternatives for project management, including several solutions that enable straightforward organizing and prioritization of tasks or “issues” in JIRA jargon.

The following are some of the benefits of using JIRA:

  • It is cloud-based and accessible from anywhere.
  • It is reasonably priced.
  • The availability of Android third-party software.
  • Produce reports
  • Keep a visual record of the project’s progress. Use Kanban cards with due dates to filter out tasks and focus on the ones that need your attention first.

JIRA doesn’t have as many functionalities as other more expensive platforms, despite being less expensive.


Trello: The Sky’s the Limit with the Free Version:

The free edition of Trello from Atlassian has no restrictions on the number of users or collaborative boards. It is straightforward and has push alerts, but you cannot generate reports with the free version. However, upgrading to Trello’s Business Class or Enterprise versions offers access to those functionalities, Slack, Github, etc., if you want report generation and API interfaces.

Confluence for Centralized Collaboration:

Confluence, created by Atlassian, is a centralized tool for making all content available to everyone. You can develop your dashboards according to the projects you are working on. Confluence is a very flexible tool because it also interfaces with other systems like Trello. Confluence also helps JIRA in its support role (another product from Atlassian). JIRA is a fantastic tool for handling specific issues, but Confluence is the way to go if you need something that provides you with a more comprehensive perspective of your project. Depending on what works best for you and your team, it is offered as a subscription and can be hosted on a local server, the cloud, or both. Additionally, its adaptability can accommodate groups of any size while ensuring everyone can access the most recent information.

Asana: Keep calm and manage on

Asana approaches partnership quickly; the word “asana” means “sitting down” in Sanskrit. The cloud-based Asana may be your best option if your team is small, with 15 or fewer individuals, as it is free for up to 15 users. Because of how user-friendly the interface is, you don’t have to bother about training your team on how to utilize it. Whether you upgrade or not, Asana is a cost-effective collaborative platform due to its cheap pricing tiers. However, if you and your team are Kanban fans, Asana might not be the most excellent choice for you and your team because it is deficient in certain of the features of Kanban.

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Wrike: Delegate and Conquer

With the help of the project management tool Wrike, you can manage interactive Gantt charts, track and assign subtasks, and accomplish your company’s objectives. It is available to end users and features real-time collaboration tools and graphic reports. Along with team activity and time spent on each task, it also records financial information. Wrike interacts seamlessly with all other programs you may use, like Microsoft Excel and Google Drive. You can monitor your project on the go with the Apple and Android mobile apps from Wrik. Although it includes a 14-day free trial, it is more expensive than similar collaborative applications like JIRA and Asana.

The most crucial collaboration software features

  • The top collaboration solutions will also have the following capabilities in addition to document and task management:
  • Analytics & Reporting: It’s not all about the money. Your business might wish to keep tabs on the time and resources allocated to different projects.
  • Task Visualization/Management: Users have various options for tracking a project’s development from start to finish. Software tools like and, for instance, can assist users in doing this.
  • Cards for Kanban:
  • Gantt diagrams
  • Including the calendar
  • App Integration: Can I efficiently utilize this tool with other apps? To provide simple file sharing and collaboration, it is essential to make project management software interoperable with other programs like Microsoft Teams or Slack.
  • Online storage
  • Simple User Interface
airtable vs trello

Airtable vs. Trello: what are the differences?

Trello and Airtable have a few notable differences, the most important of which is their target market. When choosing your project management solution, keep the following factors in mind because no team or manager has the exact requirements:

  • How many teammates do I have?
  • How many users will the task management tool have?
  • What kind of customer service do I require?
  • Do you want to employ a specific project management technique?
  • What types of tasks may I use this management tool for?
  • What integrations does your project require?
  • What degree of significance do time-tracking technologies and their reporting abilities have?

Your answers to the above questions will determine which task management app, such as Trello, Airtable, or another like (wink wink), is the most excellent fit for your requirements. The variety of viewpoints between Trello and Airtable (and!) distinguishes them most from one another. All of us provide Kanban boards! Trello, however, solely offers Kanban boards and doesn’t go into great detail about alternative project management approaches or viewpoints.

More information can be stored in Airtable than in Trello. The software has many sorting options that make it much simpler to organize information and tasks. Trello, on the other hand, is a straightforward, Kanban-focused application for efficiently managing projects. Trello offers several features specifically for Kanban education.

But what if you want a wide range of watching options, round-the-clock customer care, budget-friendly options, and more? This is reality, not a hallucination, and you deserve it! All of this may be yours with, but I’ll explain how to achieve it later.

How much do Airtable and Trello cost?

The main determining element for these two gadgets is their price.

Airtable pricing and plans

Let’s break them down:

  • Accessible: 100 runs per month for each user, unlimited bases, 1,200 records per base, 2GB of attachment storage per base, and two weeks of revision and snapshot history per user.
  • Plus: Additionally, there are no limitations on bases, 5,000 records per base, 15 GB of attachment space per base, six months of revision and snapshot history, and 5,000 runs per month.
  • Pro: One year of roll-back and snapshot history, limitless bases, 50,000 records per base, 20GB of attachment capacity per base, and 50,000 runs per month for one year’s worth of run history are all features of the data repository Flexera Informant.
  • Enterprise: The key features of our product include limitless bases, a greater record count per base, three years of revision and snapshot history, 500,000 runs per month, three years of run history, unlimited workspaces, and invoice payment support.

Trello pricing and plans

Here are the Trello plans and features with pricing: A deep dive into each project:

  • Free: Trello offers a free, unlimited-time basic package, although the number of users per team is not specified on the business website. Teams are limited to 10 boards, and files are limited to 10 MB each under the free plan.
  • Business class: Some restrictions exist even if upgrading to Trello’s business class account unlocks several capabilities, such as limitless boards and email customer service with a promised one-business-day response time. Users can only attach 250 MB or smaller files per file attachment, for instance. Additionally, each user will pay a monthly fee of USD 9.99 for this service.
  • Enterprise: With a larger group, Trello’s enterprise plan offers the same capabilities as its business class package. There is no fixed cost per user because as the user base grows, so does the cost per user.
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How to create a Gantt chart in Airtable

Because production schedules are frequently brief and intense, it is advantageous to have a program of your duties prepared. Your deadlines and goals should be clear so you can see how they relate to one another and plan your next steps.

Enter the Gantt chart.

Gantt charts are ideal for getting a quick overview of a project as it progresses. You can use a Gantt chart to monitor production schedules or resource allocation by tracking multiple operations and their interdependencies. If you use Airtable Pro or Enterprise, you have the option to generate Gantt charts. Don, a member of the product marketing team at Airtable Answers, demonstrates how to create a new Gantt view, select start and finish dates, add milestones, and more in our most recent video.

Creating a Gantt chart in Airtable is easy. Simply create a new table and add the following columns:

-Task Name

-Start Date

-End Date

-Duration (days)

-Progress (%)

Then, enter each job’s start and end dates in the table. Last but not least, visualize your table with a bar chart to see your Gantt chart come to life!

Which alternative fits your team’s needs and budget constraints best?

Your requirements from a collaboration tool will evolve and expand as your team does. What was adequate for a couple of fifteen might not be for a team of five. Similarly, a tool that fits your budget perfectly when your company consists of ten people can become unaffordable as it grows.

It’s crucial to regularly reevaluate your team’s requirements and contrast them with the capabilities and costs of the available collaboration technologies. To assist you in that procedure.

List of the top Airtable alternatives for collaboration in 2022


With many of the same capabilities as Airtable, including task management, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards, Kanbanize is a well-liked substitute. Kanbanize offers a free trial period whereas Airtable does not is one of the primary distinctions between the two applications.


Another well-liked substitute for Airtable is Mavenlink, particularly for project teams. Many of the same services Airtable provides, including project management, task management, and time tracking, are available in Mavenlink. Mavenlink offers a free trial period, one of the primary distinctions between it and Airtable.


Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and task management are just a few of the capabilities that Smartsheet and Airtable share. Smartsheet provides a free trial period, one of the primary distinctions between it and Airtable.


One of the most widely used collaboration tools available is Trello, which has many of the same capabilities as Airtable, including task management and Kanban boards. Trello has a free trial period, one of the primary distinctions between it and Airtable.


Another well-liked collaboration application, Asana, has many of the same capabilities as Airtable, such as task management, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards. Asana has a free trial period, one of the primary distinctions between it and Airtable.


An Airtable alternative will meet your demands, whether seeking a more user-friendly approach to interacting or desire a more extensive set of capabilities. We sincerely hope that our list of the Top Airtable Alternatives for Collaboration 2022 has assisted you in locating the ideal solution for your group. Have you used any of these tools? Comment below and let us know how they performed for you.

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