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You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking Confluence software alternatives. We’ll discuss the top 10 Confluence alternatives in this blog post for 2022. Remember that the below-mentioned options are not listed in any specific order. Each is a fantastic option for organizations of all sizes because it has its distinct set of features and advantages. Let’s get going!

Jira Software is the #1 alternative on our list. Jira is a well-known project management program that aids companies in monitoring and controlling their software development projects. Numerous features, such as agile reporting, time tracking, and kanban boards, are available. Jira is a fantastic option for companies that require a powerful project management platform.

Quip is a superb Confluence substitute. Quip is a chat and collaborative document editing application that enables teams to modify documents in real time. Collaboration is facilitated by its features, which include version history, comments, and @mentions. Businesses looking for a simple collaboration tool might consider Quip.

Google Drive is a beautiful substitute for Confluence if you prefer a more conventional document management solution. Teams can collaborate on documents easily with Google Drive’s real-time editing, version history, and commenting capabilities. It is a fantastic option for companies who use Google goods because it interfaces with other Google products like Gmail and Calendar.

Another excellent Confluence option is Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is a platform for document management and collaboration that includes tools like team sites, document libraries, and workflow automation. It is a fantastic option for companies that require a reliable document management system.

We have Huddle up next. A cloud-based collaboration application called Huddle makes it simple for teams to collaborate on projects. Collaboration is made simple and enjoyable by its capabilities, which include real-time editing, version control, and commenting. For companies looking for a simple collaboration solution, Huddle is an excellent option.

Pivotal Tracker is a fantastic Confluence substitute if you’re searching for a project management application with an agile development focus. A pivotal Tracker is an excellent option for agile development teams since it has story tracking, velocity tracking, and release planning capabilities.

To avoid miscommunication, effective communication among your team members is essential in today’s fast-paced, 24-hour global work environment.

Breaking down team silos and implementing a company-wide collaboration tool that provides an open, connected platform for employees to share and flow information freely, receive updates, and communicate with one another. More has never been more critical as more and more business leaders hire remote workers.

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What is Confluence Software Alternatives 2022, and what does it do?

You can handle your company’s information using a software program called Top Confluence Software Alternatives 2022. It offers a central location for all the data, documents, and photographs in your business. It is also simple to communicate information with others inside and outside of your firm, thanks to Top Confluence Software Alternatives 2022. Top Confluence Software Alternatives 2022 has a lot of competition.

Here are the top ten:

– Google Drive:

15 GB of free storage space is provided through a cloud-based storage solution. Gmail, Calendar, and other Google apps are all integrated with Google Drive.

– Box:

Users can get up to 50 GB of free storage space from yet another cloud-based storage option. Additionally, Box provides several capabilities, including collaboration tools, version control, and file sharing.

– Dropbox:

An online storage service gives users up to 18 GB of free space. Dropbox offers a wide range of services like collaboration tools, version control, and file sharing.

– OneDrive:

a Microsoft cloud-based storage option provides customers with up to 15 GB of free storage space. Along with Office 365 and other Microsoft products, OneDrive is integrated.

– iCloud:

An Apple cloud-based storage option provides users up to 20 GB of free storage space. Along with other Apple products, macOS, iOS, and iCloud are integrated.

– Amazon SES:

A cloud-based storage solution from Amazon that offers users up to 50 GB of free storage space. Amazon SES also integrates with Amazon Web Services and other Amazon products.

– Evernote:

An online storage solution gives users up to 60 MB of free space. Evernote also offers a wide range of functions, including tools for collaboration, task management, and note-taking.

– Basecamp:

A web-based project management tool with many capabilities, including group chat, file sharing, and to-do lists.

– Wrike:

A web-based project management tool with many capabilities, including task management, Gantt charts, and resource planning.

– Trello:

A web-based project management application with many capabilities, including card views, Kanban boards, and team collaboration.

These alternatives will be great if you’re looking for Top Confluence Software Alternatives 2022. Be careful to select the one that best suits your needs because each offers a unique range of functions and storage capacity.

Overview of Confluence

Thanks to smartphones and tablets, small businesses now find it simpler to interact remotely with customers, suppliers, and partners. There are also cloud-based collaboration technologies on the market that enable team members to work together efficiently no matter where they are in the world. With these services, you may manage your entire company from one central location rather than various disconnected sites.

Another advantage of adopting team collaboration software is that various departments and teams can plan, share, and communicate about tasks and projects. For instance, Confluence serves as a central location for gathering all information. The software is a subscription and can be self-hosted on personal computers, Confluence Data Centers, or hosted in the cloud.

5 Alternative Vendors

Teams of any size and type can use Confluence, from those working on mission-critical, high-stakes projects to those who just need a place to foster team culture and connect more openly. You may frequently require functionality that the application does not offer. If this is the case, many Confluence software solutions are available on the market now.

Here are five alternative vendors:


You may manage tasks and projects together with Quip in a single location. Quip is an excellent solution for large teams seeking a Confluence replacement because it is firmly connected with Salesforce. Quip competes with but outperforms its rivals, such as Confluence and Google Drive, regarding feature sets. It can also take the place of Google Docs, Google Drive, and other collaborative platforms, saving time and money. It can even replace Slack. Plan to review the program with your team to confirm everyone agrees because using this software may require some learning curve modifications.


The fact that Basecamp brings tasks, chat boards, papers, calendars, and other project-related items into one tidy package sets it apart from competing systems. This makes it the perfect option for companies with remote workers since it can serve as the leading center for team collaboration. Another benefit is that Basecamp’s developers drew from their own experiences to design this application, who were among the early adopters of remote work.


Teams may communicate and work together online with the help of the web conferencing tool ClickMeeting. In addition to offering a platform for online training and courses, it can be used by employees and users to build a “room” for team collaboration and engagement. This way, instructors can make instructional videos that the entire team can access round-the-clock. Although other messaging applications provide a virtual means of communication, they are missing business capabilities that can help with collaboration. This program aims to meet that demand while also having the ability to interact with other corporate tools, like HubSpot, Google Calendar, and Salesforce.


Use interactive kanban boards and Gantt charts to plan projects with team members using the project management application ProofHub. You can share information with others about particular assignments, occasions, and deadlines thanks to the software.


Teams can connect via messages, news feeds, and blogs and work on files, assignments, papers, and conversations using the cloud-based communication and collaboration tool Jive, which bills itself as the “world’s most advanced intranet and collaboration platform.” Additionally incorporated are social networking features.

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Top Features of Collaboration Software

Because it enables you to monitor and manage the work your team completes in real time via social or mobile media platforms, collaboration software may increase productivity at your business. Additionally, you may hold audio or video conferences within the application with different teams to exchange information and learn more about why some team members are taking too long or impede others from completing the task at hand. The digital gadget also helps to enhance internal communication.

Online collaboration tools can help to forge closer bonds amongst your employees. They might utilize the program to convey information more effectively rather than reading each other’s regular emails. Their interaction and conversation will consequently increase.

Most digital collaboration tools include the following features:

  • management of documents
  • using social media
  • project management
  • Online storage
  • Whiteboards
  • audio-visual conferences
  • Effortless user experience on any device
  • strong security

How to Choose the Best Collaboration Software

Before choosing which digital tool to utilize for your company, remember that the collaboration tools should support you (not hurt). Try out your top platform choices to see how they perform after carefully examining the following factors. You shouldn’t make your ultimate choice until after that.

  • Determine the goals you have for your company. Are you working to strengthen the culture? Enhance the business overall? Reduce costs and time.
  • Is integration possible? Look at several options for integration that are simple. For instance, all media should be able to remain in the Dropbox or Google Drive account that your business prefers to use for storage.
  • Dependable vendor support. Tech support might be standard practice for businesses of any size or nature. Selecting a supplier that delivers customer service within 24 hours may prevent IT-related delays. Top vendors offer free maintenance and upgrade services, in-depth troubleshooting chatbots, and guidance for particularly complex problems.
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Reasons for Needing a Confluence Alternative

-You need a more intuitive Wiki:

Confluence and other Atlassian products could be challenging to use or comprehend for non-technical employees. Although technical professionals frequently use Confluence and other Atlassian tools, non-technical employees may find the interface challenging or the learning curve challenging. You must change if you want a tool your entire team can efficiently utilize.

-You’re looking for a lightweight solution:

You might not fully utilize Confluence’s advantages if your company currently uses collaboration, file sharing, or communication solutions. It could be wiser in this situation to stick with a “lite” version.


Of course, the needs and budget constraints of various businesses vary. A smaller organization with fewer resources will seek a suitable platform that fits its needs.

Are There Any Free Confluence Alternatives?

Confluence has free versions. However, they might not be the ideal choice for companies on a tight budget. However, if you want to try out the platform before using it for your company, go ahead!

Here are six free alternatives to Confluence, including their entry-level plans.


It costs $8.33 per user per month for groups of ten users or less. If you have no more than 250 users.


$100 per month for a maximum of 10 users.


$8 per user per month for personal usage only.


$10 for up to 10 users each month.


Although there are no limitations on the number of users or documents, each user is only permitted access to 50 records. Each month, users pay $6.67.

-Zoho Wiki2:

For Wikis with three users and 50MB of attachment space, the cost is $3 per user plus $5 for each additional wiki.

How is it different from other software options on the market today?

Confluence differs from other software solutions in a few significant ways. It provides more freedom regarding how you may utilize and tailor it to meet your needs. Second, its emphasis on cooperation makes it more suited for workflows that include teams. Last but not least, it bases its pricing on a subscription rather than a one-time purchase, which allows you more control over your ongoing spending.

While Confluence has many positive aspects, not everyone should use it if you’re looking for Confluence substitutes.

Here are ten of the top options available in 2022:


Slack is a well-liked messaging program with features comparable to those of Confluence, such as team-based chat, file sharing, and integration with a variety of third-party programs.


Task tracking, kanban boards, and team collaboration are all elements that Asana, a project management platform, shares with Confluence.


Jira is a well-liked issue tracking program that is frequently combined with Confluence. It has functions including reporting, workflow management, and bug tracking.


With a similar emphasis on collaboration and visual organizing as Confluence, Trello is a Kanban-style project management solution.

-Google Docs:

Confluence and Google Docs offer various document editing tools, providing real-time collaboration, version history, and comments.

-Microsoft Office:

Microsoft Office is a fantastic choice if you seek a complete set of productivity tools. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other programs are included. While it doesn’t provide as much cooperation as Confluence, it’s still a fantastic option for many users.


Confluence and Evernote are well-known note-taking programs providing capabilities like team collaboration, file sharing, and connection with third-party programs.


OneNote from Microsoft is a note-taking program that enables teamwork, file sharing, and integration with external programs.

-Dropbox Paper:

Powerful document editing software with similar capabilities, including real-time collaboration, comments, and version history, Confluence and Dropbox Paper are excellent options.

-Box Notes:

Box Notes is a decent choice if you’re searching for a straightforward note-taking tool with some team collaboration features. It is perfect for small teams or organizations that need to share information quickly simply because it is easy to use and supports file sharing.

Although there are many excellent Confluence alternatives, the best software for you will rely on your unique demands and workflow. Confluence is a fantastic choice if you are searching for a flexible, team-based solution. There are many other excellent solutions if you’re searching for something simpler or more reasonably priced.

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What are the benefits of using Confluence alternatives in 2022?

There are many reasons to choose one of Confluence’s alternatives. Here are the top ten:

– Ease of use:

Although Confluence may be challenging, many other software applications are more straightforward and don’t require as much time investment from the user. This is critical for individuals who aren’t familiar with technology or have limited time.

– Cost:

Although Confluence can be costly, it is still a popular choice compared to its cheaper alternatives that lack some features and functionality.

– Functionality:

Confluence isn’t the only option; it’s simply one of them. Other products provide additional features and functionality than Confluence, making them more suited to specific demands. For example, if you want project management capabilities, some alternatives offer this and much more.

– Collaboration:

For teams who need to collaborate on projects or share ideas and information, some alternatives are better equipped than Confluence.

– Integration:

While Confluence has many features, some alternatives offer better integration with complementary software. This simplifies processes and saves data.

– Customer support:

If customer support is a priority for you, other software companies outperform Atlassian in this area.

– Scalability:

Confluence might not be the best option for companies expecting to multiply in the future since it doesn’t handle expansion well.

– Security:

Confluence might not be the best option for you if you are handling sensitive data due to its security features.

– Flexibility:

While Confluence may work well for some organizations, others might succeed more with alternatives that offer more customization. This allows companies to better tailor workflows to fit their needs.

The Confluence alternative you settle on should depend entirely on your needs and requirements. All of the other options to Atlassian’s software listed offer something that their software doesn’t be it a cheaper price, more features, or better customer support.

How will Confluence alternatives impact businesses?

As the world becomes more digitized, the need for effective collaboration tools grows. Businesses are looking for software that allows them to communicate and collaborate effectively. While there are several excellent alternatives on the market, Confluence is often regarded as the gold standard. However, there are several Confluence alternatives available that may be preferable for specific organizations. 

As the workplace continues to change, so does the software we use to help us do our jobs. Confluence is one such tool that allows businesses with team collaboration and communication.

The most popular alternatives to Confluence are Google Docs and Microsoft SharePoint. Google Docs is a cloud-based word processor that provides many of the same features as Confluence. One advantage of Google Docs over Confluence is that it is free to use. However, this also means that specific capabilities are absent from Google Docs, such as the ability to make mind maps and flowcharts.

Microsoft OneNote is another Confluence alternative. The digital notepad program OneNote provides similar features to Confluence. Utilizing OneNote instead of Confluence benefits being integrated with the Microsoft Office suite of programs. In other words, users can access their OneNote notebooks from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Trello can be a good option if you seek a Confluence substitute with more functionality. The project management tool Trello has many functions, including the ability to make kanban boards and monitor project progress. Trello has the benefit of being free to use for personal projects. For commercial users, there is a monthly cost, nevertheless.

Consider Slack if you’re looking for a Confluence substitute that strongly emphasizes team collaboration. Many of the functionality in Slack, a team messaging program, are also found in Confluence, including the ability to create channels and send direct messages. Slack interfaces with various other programs, like Dropbox and Google Drive, giving it an edge over Confluence.

Asana is another option to explore if you’re seeking a Confluence substitute that’s more project management-oriented. Confluence and Asana offer project management tools with many of the same capabilities, including the ability to construct kanban boards and monitor project progress. Asana has a free basic plan, which is one benefit over Confluence. For commercial users, there is a monthly cost, nevertheless.


As you can see, organizations can use various excellent Confluence software options in 2022. Choose the best choice for your needs because each has different features and advantages. We advise looking into some of the options above if you search for a reliable and adaptable collaboration tool. Gratitude for reading!

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